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Aldi Taher Vs Vicky Prasetyo Heats the Duel for the WBC Boxing Title

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Saturday, February 26, 2022 – 22:52 WIB

VIVA – Holywings Spots Show Boxing will present a duel for the WBC International Light Flyweight title, between Indonesian boxer, Tibo Monabesa against Jayson Vayson from the Philippines

This fight will take place at Holywings Gatsu Club V, Jakarta, Sunday 27 February 2022. Besides Tibo, Indonesia will also field Defry Palulu who will face a boxer from Thailand, Rekkawee.

The other two matches will bring together local boxers, namely Hero Tito vs James Mokoginta and Prisal Panjaitan vs Zainul Fatah.

Tibo Mahobesa vs Jason Vayson

The Holywings Spots Show Boxing event will also feature two celebrity matches, namely Paris Fernandes ‘greetings from Binjai’ vs. Jakson Karmela (2020 PON Muay Thai champion) and Vicky Prasetyo vs. Aldi Taher.

Especially for the duel Vicky Prasetyo against Aldi Taher, this duel has been heating up since the weigh-in session, Saturday, February 26, 2022. The two of them mocked each other until a fistfight almost occurred.

A riot ensued when Aldi Taher threw a shirt in Vicky’s face. He did not accept and pushed Dewi Persik’s ex-husband. According to him, Aldi Taher has no ethics.

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