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Airing Day One, Aum! Trending Topic

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OMG! Jefri Nichol and Chicco Jerikho’s inaugural collaboration film airs in Online Cinemas starting today, September 30, 2021. Through this film directed by Bambank “Ipoenk” KM, Jefri Nichol and Chicco Jerikho invite the audience to redefine the meaning of struggle and freedom of expression.

Not just a movie, but Aum! to leave a distinct impression for the players. As experienced by Chicco Jerikho, where he came to have a new view of the meaning of freedom after playing in this film.

He became more grateful with his current condition, where he was given the freedom to work.

In addition to the strong message of struggle, the airing of Aum! also has its own interesting side. Because on the first day of its release, the film Aum! managed to become a trending topic on Twitter. What would the movie Aum! as a whole, and is the message appropriate to its purpose as a reflection of freedom of speech?
In order not to be curious, immediately watch and buy the ticket at the Online Cinema, with a ticket price of Rp. 20,000.

Jefri Nichol, as one of the players in the film Aum! invite the audience to watch this film
legally in Online Cinema.

OMG!  Trending

Don’t just watch the action Jefri Nichol and Chicco Jericho that amaze each other, in the film Aum! The audience will also witness the acting of supporting actors such as Agnes Natasya and Aksara Dena.

Watch Aum now! in Online Cinema, which can be accessed through the website and also
through the app, which can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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