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Ahead of the Inauguration, Which Designer Dress Melania Trump Was Lucky To Wear?

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So curious…

Ahead of the inauguration, many are talking about what Melania Trump will wear, related to the many news circulating that many designers do not want to dress Melania. Many rumors circulated, the choice between Ralph Lauren or Karl Lagerfeld. This is because Melania is often seen wearing the designs of these two famous designers.

However, recently it was revealed that soon-to-be First Lady they wanted a Ralph Lauren design for the inauguration night. Ralph Lauren himself is famous for dressing Hillary Clinton with his designs. uniquely, one shoulder jumpsuit the work of Ralph Lauren was also worn by Melania Trump when Donald Trump delivered acceptance speechher at the Hilton Hotel a while ago.

Although many designers have stated that they do not want to dress Melania Trump, such as Sophie Theallet, Tom Ford, and Marc Jacobs. But not so with Ralph Lauren.

Reporting from WWD, the American designer, is working on something not only for Melania, but also other members of Trump. However, Lauren did not want to provide further information on this matter.

We’ll just have to wait and see, Bela!

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