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Again! Han So-hee’s name caught in the case of alleged fraud by her mother | Hipwee

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Again!  Han So-hee's name is caught in the case of alleged fraud by her mother

South Korean actress Han So-hae is in the spotlight after her birth mother stumbled upon a fraud case. The mother was allegedly using the name Han So-hee as to commit the fraud.

According to Koreaboo lama, JTBC reported that the Bangbae Seoul police received a file against the mother of a famous celebrity who was accused of fraud on February 25. The scam was reported to be 85 million Won, or about nearly Rp 1 billion.

The victim admitted that he sent the money to an account in the name of a celebrity. It was later revealed that the celebrity in question was Han So-hee.

The report of the alleged fraud by Han So-hee’s mother

JTBC reported on March 2, the mother of the celebrity was sued on charges of fraud. The mother borrowed 85 million won from an acquaintance from February 2018 to September 2019. According to the complainant, she had transferred money 12 times to the perpetrator’s account under the book’s name in her child’s name. The mother who promised to return the money with high interest did not return the money.

Han So-hae’s mother used the account in Han So-hee’s name

This is proof of the transaction obtained by South Korean Youtuber Lee Jin Ho

Mr. Shin used Han So-hee’s name to commit fraud | via Youtube via

According to South Korean YouTuber, Lee Jin Ho, who often reveals the controversial case of the Korean artist, mentioned that the mother involved in the lawsuit is the mother of actress Han So-hee. He uses the name Shin.

Han So-hee’s mother used her daughter’s name that was created when Han So-hee was a minor.

Han So-hee’s mother (Ms. Shin) admits her actions

The report also explained that the mother of Han So-hee (Shin) and the victim had a dispute over the amount of money to be paid due to the absence of an officially written contract. Her mother also admitted that she was wrong because she couldn’t pay the money.

“It was my fault, because I couldn’t pay the loan money on time. I will work hard to pay off the debt without filing for bankruptcy,” said Han So Hee’s mother Allkpop in his interview with YouTuber Lee Jin Ho

It’s not just the first case, Han So-hee’s mother has committed fraud

Actress Han So-hee

Han So-hee will no longer help the case against her birth mother | via HanCinema via

This is not the first case of dragging the name of Han So-hee. In 2020, Han So-hee’s name was dragged into a money scam by her mother. In the fraud case, the actor The World of Married This helped pay off her mother’s debts. Even this has been done Han So-hee has not debuted in the South Korean entertainment industry.

“I found out about my mother’s debt after I was 20 years old and I had paid her debt before my debut. I recently learned from a debt collector that my mother had used my name to borrow some money and ended up not paying it back. It was my fault that I thought I could solve the problem just by paying the debt, which turned out to be only making more victims,” ​​said Han So Hee. Allkpop.

Han So-hee will no longer help pay off her mother’s debt

Through the agency that houses Han So-hee, 9ato Entertainment. They explained that Han So-hee’s mother opened the account without the actress knowing.

The agency also clarified that the actress was not involved in this case and that her mother had taken advantage of her daughter’s name. In addition, the agency also explained that the cast My Name this will not pay the mother’s debt back.

The following is a statement from the 9ato Entertainment agency, which was quoted from soompi:

Hello. This is 9ato Entertainment.‎

We provide the following explanation regarding the news of actress Han So-hee’s mother.‎

Mother [Han So-hee] Ms. Shin used the bank account in Han So-hee’s name in the process of borrowing money. Shin arbitrarily opened a bank account when Han So-hee was a minor, and he used that account to borrow money without Han So-hee’s knowledge.‎

Similar cases happened several more times. There have even been cases involving falsification of personal documents. Due to this series of cases, a civil trial was conducted, and the court drew a clear line that Han So-hee had nothing to do with these cases.‎

The Ulsan District Court’s final ruling on April 8, 2021 stated, “The money was borrowed using an account in Han So-hee’s name, but it is not sufficient to admit that Han So Hee is jointly responsible for the debt due to this, so there is no evidence to admit [keterlibatannya]”‎

We apologize for causing concern with personal matters rather than acting projects. However, we are providing another additional explanation because we hope that there will be no more victims in the future.‎

Besides, we also reveal that So-hee has no plans to take responsibility for this debt. This is to block from the source of the action [Ms. Shin] used her daughter’s name to borrow money and abused the fact that her daughter was a famous celebrity to borrow money.‎

It is true that [Han So-hee] cannot sever the moral ties between mother and daughter. He felt apologizing to the people who were harmed by his will. Nonetheless, we hope that incidents like this will not be repeated through this strong response. Please understand.‎

Han So-hee has been working hard to build her career in the South Korean entertainment world in 2017. Until finally her name was famous after starring in a phenomenal drama. The World of Married. This is the second time his name has been caught in a case committed by his biological mother. Hopefully this case will be over soon, Friend Hipwee~

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