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After the ‘Reunion’ on the Victoria’s Secret Stage, Bella Hadid Talks About The Weeknd!

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The moment of ‘reunion’ Bella Hadid and her ex, The Weeknd, on the Victoria’s Secret stage became so unforgettable. Because apart from being the first time they met since breaking up, the social media world is also busy talking about and speculating that Bella and The Weeknd really broke up badly – especially if you look at their awkward expressions. But wait! It turns out that Bella Hadid immediately spoke up about rumors of her ‘cold relationship’ with The Weeknd.

“Thank you @theweeknd you have become performer the best and the best in this world. You’re so cool, as usual,” wrote Bella Hadid as caption photos uploaded on Instagram account.

Then to clarify about her expression, Bella said: “I’m smiling big in my heart!!!! It’s been a fun and stressful experience in my life and I hope to be able to do it again and again and again.”

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