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Adorable Twenty-Five Twenty One

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Netflix has a lot of Korean drama projects that will be airing throughout 2022. One that can already be watched is Twenty-Five Twenty One, a teen romance set in 1998 whose first two episodes are adorable!

Twenty-Five Twenty One is the title of the Korean drama that was reviewed in the latest episode of Podcast ngedrakor! You can listen to this episode without the app by playing below:

Twenty-Five Twenty One tells the story of Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri), a high school boy who falls in love with fencing and idolizes an athlete named Ko Yu Rim (Bona). Hee Do has ambitions to become Ko Yu Rim’s rival, but his dream almost ran aground due to the IMF crisis causing his school to cut back on funding for a fencing sports club.

When an incident in the morning newspaper brings Hee Do together with Back Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk), he seems to have a mentor. An adult who can be relied upon as well as a friend. It’s also possible that their relationship will be more than that. Na Hee Do’s motivation to pursue his dream is getting hotter and makes him try to transfer to the same school as Ko Yu Rim.

Na Hee Do’s meeting with the idol didn’t seem too pleasant. On the other hand, Ko Yu Rim herself still harbors fears and feelings of trepidation in the past which are the red threads of awkwardness in her relationship with Na Hee Do.

The first two episodes of Twenty-Five Twenty One presents a fun schoolboy story. There is a lot of positive aura displayed on the screen with characters that are no less adorable. Na Hee Do with his extra cheerfulness and behavior will be the main dish in this story in the era of 1998. Meanwhile, Back Yi Jin, the young master who fell into poverty, remains determined to survive on his own business even though his family is falling apart.

Their relationship was sweet from the start. But the question is, will this story be sweet until the end?


Twenty-Five Twenty One airs on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday night.


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