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adidas Releases New Sports Bra Right on Valentine’s Day

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Search sports bra It just felt like it ended when adidas announced their newest collection for the Bra Collection SS2022. The background to the seriousness of adidas working on the collection bra This lies in the fact that so far women’s need for the right sportswear has been felt to be underserved. After undergoing research, development, and several stages of testing. Research shows that the breasts can stretch the skin without bra and this discomfort is widely experienced by women who exercise every day to elite athletes.

Driven by adidas concern for women’s health and comfort, adidas launches a range of products sports bra which globally comes in 43 styles among 18 product franchises.

adidas Releases New Sports Bra Right on Valentine's Daydock. adidas

More than 90% of women reported wearing sports bra with the wrong size

In collaboration with the leading breast biomechanics research institute, the University of Portsmouth, which suggests that if the breasts are not properly supported during running, they will experience the same G-Force as F1 drivers and may experience potentially damaging skin stretching. Meanwhile, unsupported breasts can move up to 19cm when jumping and nearly half (46%) of the surveyed students reported that the state of their breasts affected their participation in sports.

“There is a sizeable data gap in terms of development sports bra, so we work with experts in the field of breast health. Together with the University of Portsmouth, we challenge ourselves and push forward our innovations to better meet the needs of the women’s athletic community. Use sports bra The wrong one can seriously impact performance and efficiency – for example, if you’re running a marathon, your breasts that aren’t supported properly will go an extra 4 miles on their own! This is a significant effort with an all-female team of designers, testers and experts, and we hope this collection will help more wearers sports bra benefit from added support and a snug fit, and don’t hold back while doing the sport they love,” explains Amy Charlton, adidas Senior Product Director.

“A lot of people don’t know that athletes may need the same amount of breast support over a period of time power walking as they did during sprint, and the lack of support in breast health has the potential to cause permanent damage. Breast movement in sport continues to be a neglected issue, so we’re excited to have a long-lasting relationship with adidas. They don’t just invest in research and development sports bra and independent scientific testing, but they recognize the importance of raising awareness of this topic. This is good to see given the impact of breasts on participation and performance during exercise; and it is very important that we continue to provide further education,” added Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, head of the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth.

adidas Releases New Sports Bra Right on Valentine's Daydock. adidas

adidas supports the specific needs of active women

In this inclusive era and with these inventions, adidas is starting to redefine today’s offerings and create a range sports bra which provides added comfort and a better fit.

Using the latest materials and design innovations, the collection features the Everyday bra designed for relaxation and light movement, the Studio Bra for yoga, Pilates, and other low to moderate intensity workouts, the Train Bra designed to provide enhanced support during HIIT classes and exercise. or other, more intense workouts, and the Run bra that offers the highest level of breast support in its collection.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, the main products of this collection include:

  • COREFLOW LUXE STUDIO MEDIUM SUPPORT BRA: Using new adidas adisoft materials and a sleek, bonded seam finish, bra It’s perfect for working out in the studio. Inspired by ballet clothing, the stitching allows the wearer to perform a variety of movements while providing full support and support.
  • POWERIMPACT LUXE TRAINING MEDIUM SUPPORT BRA: Shown with a high neck cut, flexible front opening design and provide high airflow, bra It features a new adidas adiflex fabric which is smooth with clean edges also designed to help reduce friction.
  • FAST IMPACT LUXE RUN HIGH SUPPORT BRA: This one is to support active running activities, bra it includes a 360° adjustment that allows the wearer full control to adjust the fit as needed. Designs in a secure wrapped form, smooth flat seams, cool adiform fabrics, to AEROREADY technology that helps manage humidity in various conditions.
adidas Releases New Sports Bra Right on Valentine's Daydock. adidas

The SS22 Bra Collection will be available globally starting February 14 at website adidas and stores nearby.

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