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Accused of Dating with Yuqi (G)I-DLE, Here’s GOT7’s Jackson Response

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PeekCeleb – Recently, GOT7’s Jackson was swept up in dating rumors with GIDLE’s Yuqi. It started to be horrendous because one of the paparazzi in China had grabbed the two of them in one of the apartment complexes.

The Chinese paparazzi also admitted that the two of them got into a car driven by a driver hired by Jackson. Come on, let’s see the full facts through the following review!

Chinese Paparazzi Claims Alleging GOT7’s Jackson and (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi Are Dating


Photo: Various Sources

After finding traces and catching Jackson and Yuqi out of one of the hotel apartments, the Chinese paparazzi immediately revealed the chronology and claims that Jacson and Yuqi were having a romance.

“Earlier, I met Song Yuqi when she was returning to Beijing at noon. Not long after she settled into a hotel, she was immediately sent secretly by an assistant and left. The car drove to Jackson’s apartment complex. The next morning, the driver drove the car returned to the hotel to pick up his assistant and they took Song Yuqi, who had spent the night outside, back to the hotel together,” said the Chinese paparazzi via a video that is currently going viral.

The Chinese paparazzi even captured a picture of Yuqi holding 3 roses

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