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About Viddsee which turns out to be more than just an entertainment platform

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This article is a continuation of the article entitled: About the Viddsee Platform: Introduction & Juree Awards

Furthermore Arie Kartikasari as the Community Manager of Viddsee, who prefers to be called Tika, even this said that Viddsee is actually not only a platform for providing short films, because the creators have also been registered here and if anyone needs their services, they can contact the creator through the Viddsee platform, which includes Viddsee Studios. In essence, its function is to connect brands (collaborate) with video creators, to produce works related to brand requests at a certain cost.

This is why Viddsee can continue to grow and also help facilitate its users and creators. Watch short films through this platform, it’s free and this is one of the advantages that we are very proud of.

So those who include movies in this platform, get a lot of benefits.

In addition, the creators who are members of Viddsee also get benefits related to IP Rights their property, starting from early October 2021, the Viddsee Labs program began to be held. This is like a ladder provided by this platform, of course for the progress of the creators.

Regarding the Juree Awards, the winner will not only get more attention, they will also get a Viddsee Film Maker Tool Kit.

Its function is of course to help creators to create good content, then for this year there is also something like this exclusive merchandise is cool.

Wow, if the author checks through the Viddsee website at , it can be seen that the community and social media touched by this platform are very broad and follow current trends.

It can be seen from the social media accounts that Cinemags has seen, including youtube, twitter, tik tok and so on, it is easy to find their social media accounts.

So for those of you who want their videos to be published, and have the opportunity to get prizes, get a wide audience reach so that your work is better known and get a community platform for self-development, you can go directly to Viddsee. For the viewers, there are also various prizes to encourage them to watch the works of this video creator.

So, after reading this, what are you waiting for? Immediately enter the video of your work, only on the Viddsee platform and of course don’t forget it Viddsee Juree, which is an International Class Short Film Award Event.

This is the second year the Viddsee Juree Awards have been held online, complete with film screenings and virtual discussions. A series of online programs such as podcast discussions and the Storytelling Club, a webinar program that invites film practitioners, will also be held until the announcement of the winner of the 2021 Viddsee Juree on December 3, 2021.

All the series of events will be broadcast on the Viddsee channel. So, of course, keep an eye on Viddsee’s social media accounts for the latest information regarding the Viddsee program

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