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About Viddsee Platform : introduction & Juree Awards

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Viddsee is one of the audio-visual content provider platforms that is currently holding Viddsee Juree, which is an International Class Short Film Award Event.

This time, Cinemags, represented by Nuty Laraswaty, had the opportunity to chat together Arie Kartikasari as Community Manager of Viddsee in Indonesia and Princess Indanavetta as Marketing ID Lead, discussing Viddsee and of course the Juree Awards. Here is the summary

Q: Why focus on short films? And what duration is included in this category for the Viddsee platform?

A: This Viddsee platform was founded in 2013, by Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan, they are both engineer who is also a short film maker. They feel that there is no platform that can be easily accessed by the audience. If anyone wants to watch a short film, he wants it to have its own container. So there’s no need to come to special events, which in the 2013 era weren’t as many as they are now.

In its development, Viddsee does not only focus on short films, but also accepts short series, such as web series. What concerns the founder is the faster time spent and also hopes that the audience will also know the film because it is very easy to access and yes…the opportunity is in a short film.

For a duration of 1 minute to more than 20 minutes, but generally 10 to 20 minutes. Especially for Viddsee Juree, the maximum short film duration is 30 minutes

This proved to be effective in introducing as many short films as possible to the audience, which if calculated to date has shown the figure of 2 billion views. In addition, Viddsee also always updates and simulates about 3 thousand communities story teller or filmmaker.

This is also in line with the goal of wanting regeneration in the film.


The interesting thing about this short 1 minute film is that everything that is about to be conveyed has been covered in this short duration. This all depends on the level of success of the storytelling ability of the content creator himself


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