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1. Can you tell us about the initial idea of ​​making this film and the reason for choosing the cast?

The initial idea for the film Qodrat came from me and the team at Magma Entertainment to present a different local horror. Qodrat is here to raise a new hero in the local horror genre with a very Indonesian taste and feel.

That’s why we chose Vino G Bastian as Qodrat. In addition to having sufficient experience in the action film genre and has never penetrated the horror genre, the character also requires a specific scale which can later be seen in the film.

Temporary Marsha Timothy is a versatile actress who is very committed to the role she chooses. His performance with Vino this time was very different and presented an acting transformation that I’m sure the audience has never seen in Marsha’s films before. Please prove yourself in the film.

We also take the scenario as a blueprint for a film seriously. Together with Asaf Antariksa and Gea Rexy from the Fiction Factory, writing the screenplay took almost a year by conducting research on various sources. It took more than 4 years after the scenario was completed for Qodrat to finally enter the pre-production stage.

2. Is there a specific purpose, related to the making of this film poster?

After the concept poster from Chris Lie, Caravan Studios was released yesterday, there will be other posters leading to the official poster with an ever-increasing escalation. Many elements will be present in the poster, so that the audience can build their thoughts and feelings until the film is finally released in theaters. And we did come up with a vintage concept for this concept poster as a tribute to classic Indonesian films/comics/illustrations

3. Where is this film planned to be shown? Do you want to be included in film festivals?

The Qodrat film was indeed made with a cinematic experience which we believe will bring new surprises. There are special techniques and efforts that have been prepared cinematically, both from the camera system, sound system, and a touch of CGI Visual Effects that will achieve maximum effect when watched on the big screen.

Recently, there has been an increasing interest in Asian horror films on the world stage. We feel challenged to present a horror film that is very Indonesian but can be enjoyed by the global market.

We intend to bring the film Qodrat to international film festivals. Hopefully it will be as successful as the previous horror films that have succeeded. Ask for prayers and support from friends.

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4. Apart from the pandemic issue, is there anything else related to this project that makes the situation difficult?

Or are there any problems during the production process?

Armed with a strong script and a great cast ensemble, we were challenged to present a visual appearance that is no less cool than the story and acting of the cast of the film Qodrat. Anyway, we do everything we can to the maximum in order to present the best horror spectacle with scary and unexpected horror buildings, even though it still doesn’t leave a jump scare element.

5. Is there any hope to be given to the film industry at this time?

It is the hope of all filmmakers that they want to make more contributions to their industry, both nationally and internationally. Likewise, we want to present a horror film that is both unique and entertaining for the audience and its fans, both through local and international distribution.

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