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About Collabonation: Jogja United for Blessing

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Since last August, IM3 Ooredoo has consistently spread the spirit of the importance of being united at times like this, starting from the Satu Satu video released with Iwan Fals, the Independence Concert, to the documentary series Collabonation Road to Unity.

The documentary tells the journey of artists and musicians across generations in 4 cities in Indonesia who collaborate and exchange stories about the productive activities they do to help various parties affected by the pandemic. This collaboration shows how they can continue to be united in their work while at the same time providing benefits to their surroundings.

Continuing the spirit that was transmitted from the inspirational stories of the artists and musicians at Collabonation Road to Unity, IM3 Ooredoo together with the community and musicians initiated the Collabonation: Jogja United for Blessing. A social movement involving musicians Shaggydog, Iga Massardi, the Berkah Jaya Bike community (Jakarta), Bike to Share, and various bicycle communities in Jogja to distribute aid to Yogyakarta artists who are also affected by the pandemic. This initiative is a concrete form of IM3 Ooredoo’s involvement in collaborating with local residents and communities to rise together through a series of activities that have a direct impact.

Fahroni Arifin – SVP Head of Brand Management & Strategy Indosat Ooredoo said, “Yogyakarta is known as a city that has an active movement of artists and their various communities, where the spirit of unity often appears in every activity and work produced. This is the basis for Collabonation to be present in Yogyakarta, encouraging and inviting every line to work again. Through this initiative, we want to show opportunities and opportunities for our community friends and artists in Yogyakarta that we can rise again together.”

In addition to collaborating with communities, through Collabonation: Jogja United for BlessingShaggydog & Iga Massardi invited local musicians from Yogyakarta such as Bagus Dwi Danto, Kukuh Prasetya, Yuliono Singsot, and Prontaxan to be involved in a musical performance entitled ‘United Concert for Blessing’.

This event is a form of celebration in celebrating the spirit of unity to rise that belongs to the artists and the Yogyakarta community. Held at the Jogja National Museum, this concert provides an opportunity for those whose activities had fallen asleep to return to work and perform on the same stage with other musicians.

Through Collabonation, IM3 Ooredoo wants to be able to continue to help mobilize the people of Yogyakarta to continue to work and move forward together. We also hope that the energy generated through this activity in Yogyakarta can spread and inspire people in other cities.closed Fahroni.

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