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A World Without Review – Cinemags

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A World Without is a dystopian film by director Nia Dinata, which is also a Netflix original.

When you watch the trailer for A World Without, you will be taken to something that has never been seen in Indonesia so far.

Impression”fresh” , will be interesting and make people move to watch , plus a row of supporters of this film, which already has its own name and standard.

Pastel colors are displayed to give a soft yet mysterious impression. The storyline will take the audience to a time when Indonesia has changed, different from the reality that exists today. Changes in nature and climate make humans lose their way and are physically and spiritually fragile, so that The Light is here for the young to save them.

The first half of this film, the storyline is imaginative and the audience follows the ideas and issues that are displayed, until finally the storyline reaches the middle stage, this is where everything feels like drama theatrical which makes the audience begin to question the ideas offered.

There are a lot of messages and problems in this film, which also smack the current conditions. Ten years later, the problem is still the same. The common thread of the present and the future seems to be related to the messages and problems posed in this film.

Can humans not grow from all these problems?

At first glance, it seems like the storyline in this film is very heavy. But don’t worry while watching it, because in the cold hands of Nia Dinata and Lucky Kuswandi, everything turns relaxed and can be enjoyed without the need to feel burdened by the messages or problems presented. However, it does make it less effective. It feels like something is missing at the end of this film.

However, it seems that this is intentional, because Nia Dinata wants the audience to choose , just stop after watching or start to get moved and start reflecting on the storyline in the context of today’s life.

Whatever choice is taken, of course, will return to each individual.

Unfortunately, the message that is carried is too much, so that it will lead to many different interpretations for the audience, depending on their personal life experiences.

With the official screening of this film in 190 countries, which have various cultures and different social structures, it can be said that Nia Dinata is here trying something different and waiting for a response from the audience.

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This is the review of A World Without, which stars Amanda Rawles, Maizura, Asmara Abigail, Chicco Jerikho and Ayushita.

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