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A Very Unique Nike and FKA Twigs Collaboration

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Nike has just appointed Tahliah Debrett Barnett, or better known as FKA Twigs, to appear in the advertisement for their new product, Women Zone Strength Tights. FKA Twigs herself is a singer at the same time dancer quite famous in England. Not only to be brand ambassador, FKA Twigs also directed and choreographed commercials with Nike. the. In the ad entitled “Do you believe in more?” It’s clear Twigs’ unique style and styleits gritty-meets-ethereal.

vogue/harper’s bazaar

The 1988-born singer gathered various athletes for his Nike advertisements. From karate champion Jay Kirton, dancer Saskia Horton, to fencing atlet Olympics Miles Chamley-Watson. By inviting these athletes, Twigs wants to explain stereotypes about the importance of being athletic.

“Through danceI met many young people who are willing to work hard and dedicate their lives to ‘being active‘. To me, they represent ‘modern movement’ which I consider a form of exploration of various types of sports without limits.” explained Twigs.

A Very Unique Nike and FKA Twigs

In the ad, the models are seen using Nike with cut-out and layersdecorated with bib necklace, rustic bangles, metallic face paintand facial jewelry. Tights which became the product advertised in ads This itself is claimed to have advantages, including being able to reduce muscle vibrations.

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