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A tinge of detail pleats for those of you who want to look feminine

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Details pleats or commonly known as this cloth folding technique, is considered to be able to create a feminine feel. Along with the development of the fashion world, pleated accents have now evolved into something more futuristic. Come on Bela, check out some tricks using pleated skirts for daily look inspired by this line of top modern houses!

The Runway

Famous fashion houses such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and Valentino created this pleated detail with different nuances. You can apply it with a patterned top, a metallic finish, or you can place a pleats as unexpected details.

How to Wear

Literally, pleats is one of the most wearable trends from fashion week. This match is perfect for those of you who like to look feminine with a little touch chic twists. Dress or a skirt with pleated details suitable for all body shapes. Fabrics that use pleated accents are able to create an effect drapery which can make your style look more outstanding.

Let’s embrace your pleats, Bela!

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