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A Day in A Life of A Popbela’s Fashion Editor

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Follow Popbela’s Michael Richards around on a day in his life.

If anyone is interested in knowing how a person’s daily life is fashion editor? hmm… lemme thinkin… well pretty much the same. Yes. Like normal people usually – agree with Kelly Tandiono’s words when I asked how the daily life of a top model is, then the answer: “It’s normal. Like you guys too.” Well, the most I can say if I become a fashion editor it’s a really fun job! but please take a note: I’m a Digital Fashion Editorso not fashion editor a magazine that takes care of photo shootetc., all related to katern. Well Broadly speaking, my responsibility is more on how to create content fashion interesting digitally, then a lot of Google Analytics (so excited with all those numbers!), and the most important thing is to give review question fashion show.

Then… how is my daily life? Keep scrolling down, Bela.

7.30 AM

I always start the day by praying… even I’m not a churchgoers, but starting something with spiritual calm is important, you know Bela! So always get in the habit of starting something by praying. Btwbefore I start preaching (jokes!)the morning after getting ready, I usually take a few minutes to appreciate nature… by taking some photos! either while waiting drivers online transportation arrives or in the middle of the journey to the office, well there’s always inspiration every day that I post to my Instagram @myqrichs.

Photo: Michael Richards / Popbela

9.00 AM

Arriving at the office, usually the first thing I do is not enjoy coffee, instead go straight start work by start replying some e-mail. Then start looking at my schedule for today and some to-do list. All accompanied by some playlists in iTunes which I split into several folders to animate mood that day (there are playlists especially for Brit music, rock, rapand electro music which is my favorite lately).

A Day in A Life of A Popbela's Fashion Editor

1.00 PM

After finishing some deadline with the power of lightning. My schedule today is to meet some designers. One of them, Dana Maulana and Liza Mashita from Danjyo Hiyoji. Both always have spirit which very youthful and they are among the people who inspire me creatively. My goal to ‘play’ into Danjyo Hiyoji’s studio itself is to see their preparations for the latest Danjyo collection. Exchange ideas, and laugh a lot when you meet Dana and Liza.

A Day in A Life of A Popbela's Fashion EditorPhoto: Michael Richards / Popbela

4.00 PM

[Masih di studio Danjyo Hiyoji] Can know the concept and story behind a collection, directly from the source extra points become a fashion editor. Not to mention being able to see their old archives. I could spend a lot of time asking questions about this and that.

A Day in A Life of A Popbela's Fashion EditorPhoto: Michael Richards / Popbela

8.30 PM

Coinciding with the IPMI Trend Show 2017, I immediately went to the location to attend some fashion show and presentation. Tonight, Stella Rissa presented her collection debut for IPMI. I really like the new female character Stella Rissa. Rock n roll but sensual. close poseIt’s (pictured below) really cool, right! For review you can read in full here.

A Day in A Life of A Popbela's Fashion EditorPhoto: Michael Richards / Popbela

10.00 PM

If most people after watching fashion show go straight home. Tired. Many complain. blah blah blah. I actually chose to hang out a moment with some friends editor other. It’s great! Usually base camp we are at the restaurant fast food closest. While enjoying very late dinnerincluding burgers, diet coke, share french frieswe immediately discussed how the designer’s collection, very brutally honest about itwell… nyinyir in a good way.

A Day in A Life of A Popbela's Fashion EditorPhoto: Michael Richards / Popbela

11.30 PM

Someone once said, “enjoy your youth,” so…that’s what I do. I’ve always thought of this job as a ‘playground’. If you say busy, all work also has deadline. If you say it’s heavy, isn’t it company already warned you with statementCan you work under pressure?“. So no matter how heavy your line of work, don’t forget to have fun. Whenever it is. Period.

“Laugh before it’s forbidden to laugh.” – Warkop DKI.

A Day in A Life of A Popbela's Fashion EditorPhoto: Mega / Popbela

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