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9 Tourist Attractions in Cikampek, West Java

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West Java is one of the alternative tourist destinations in Indonesia. In the area there are many interesting tourist objects and are visited by many tourists, both foreign and local. One of the tourist areas worth visiting is the Cikampek area which is a sub-district city located in Karawang Regency, West Java province.

This is an area that is traversed by the north coast route from Jakarta to Central Java and East Java. For those of you who want to visit this area with an area of ​​47.60 m2, the distance you have to travel is around +/- 25 km from the center of Karawang.

Cikampek is known as a center of trade and industry in the eastern region of Karawang Regency. Most of the residents work as traders, civil servants, private employees, and factory employees. Although unlike other areas in West Java, which have a lot of tourist attractions, the Cikampek area can be an alternative place that you can choose to spend your family vacation. What are the tourist objects that can be visited in Cikampek District? Here’s the review

  1. Situ Kamojing

The first tourist spot in Cikampek is there kamojing. Situ Kamojing is an artificial lake that is one of the most exotic tourist attractions on the border between Karawang Regency and Purwakarta Regency, precisely in Kamojing Village, Cikampek District, Karawang Regency, West Java.

The lake, which has an area of ​​62 hectares with a depth of about 10 to 14 meters, has become one of the favorite places for local residents to relax, especially when the afternoon comes, where the sunset panorama seen from Kamojing is one of the attractions that captivates the heart. visitors.

Basically, the main purpose of making this kamojing lake is to collect rainwater which can later be used for the benefit of rice field irrigation networks. When the rainy season arrives, the puddles in Kamojing can overflow. It is at times like this that makes this site crowded by tourists, especially local residents of the Cikampek sub-district. And when the dry season comes, the water conditions in this artificial lake recede, even the lake can become dry, and at that time, the surrounding community uses it as land for farming.

This area is usually crowded on weekends, especially young people who want to enjoy cheap natural charm to spend their weekends, for example by fishing or just sitting there relaxing. For visitors, there is no need to worry if you feel hungry, because in the area there are also several food vendors such as young coconut ice, beef maranggi satay, and other snacks that will complement the pleasure of relaxing.

However, there is a myth that is still developing among the surrounding community, which indicates that the people in the surrounding area are still very thick with mystical things. The myth is that there is a dead crocodile that inhabits there.

  1. Cikampek Research Forest (Kebon Kembang)

Cikampek Penelitian Research ForestThe Cikampek research forest or commonly referred to as the flower garden is a protected forest located in Cikampek Village, to the east of Cikampek sub-district, Karawang regency, West Java. The main attraction of this flower garden is the coolness and freshness of the area. In addition, the place is near a residential area.

Many local residents and residents from outside the area visited to enjoy the cool and fresh atmosphere. Especially when weekends or holidays have arrived.

However, the existence of Kebon Bunga as a protected forest is getting more and more alarming. From year to year this protected forest looks dirtier. This condition is caused by the lack of awareness of the visitors and the food vendors who throw garbage in the wrong place. That’s what causes the flower gardens in the Cikampek sub-district to look shabby and unhealthy.

Therefore, efforts are needed from the local government so that the function of the direct forest as the lungs of the city can run well. The government must intervene in dealing with these problems, including by urging community members, traders, and forest visitors to participate in maintaining the sustainability and cleanliness of the protected forest, namely by not throwing garbage in the forest.

  1. Swimming Pool (Waterpark Playground)

Swimming poolIn the city of Cikampek there are also water playgrounds that are perfect for spending your family vacation. In this area there is the Kotabaru Waterpark which provides various water rides such as swimming pools, water parks, and other water games.

In addition to the Waterpark, there is also a Tirtasari water park that is ready to provide separate entertainment for you and your family. Various kinds of water rides ranging from the lowest level to the extreme are here. This tourist spot in Cikampek is perfect to spend with family and friends.

  1. Deer Park PT. Kujang Fertilizer

Deer Park PT.  Kujang FertilizerBy late afternoon or when the holidays have arrived, Taman Deer PT. Pupuk Kujang is one of the choices for local residents to relax with family. This deer park is located in the PT. Pupuk Kujang, Cikampek District, Karawang, West Java.

Residents who come to visit the place can chat and provide food for the deer that are kept in the area. The company PT Kujang did not feel disturbed by the presence of these residents, they were actually happy because they could help provide entertainment for local residents.

In the deer park, there are lots of deer with beautiful skin and towering horns. Usually, the deer park is crowded with residents during the fasting month, especially before breaking the fast.

  1. Cikampek . Station Train Locomotive Museum

Cikampek . Station Train Locomotive MuseumFor those of you who intend to spend your vacation walking in the Cikampek area, don’t forget to visit the train station in Cikampek, because now there is a locomotive museum located in the train station area.

More than 10 unused locomotives are on display, so that visitors to the station can look around and enjoy the nuances of the old locomotives that are 20 to 50 years old on average.

The purpose of the station building this locomotive museum is to provide knowledge to the public about locomotives and also about trains.

  1. Dawuan Autocar Circuit

Dawuan Autocar CircuitThe Dawuan Autocar Circuit is located in the scenic Mandalapratama area, precisely +/- 68 km from the Cikampek toll road. In this place, rally events are often held, both regional and national level Rally events.

So for those of you who have a hobby with automotive, it’s better if you are traveling to Cikampek to stop at this circuit location. Although the place is not too good to watch the ongoing race, but this game is quite stressful because the circuit arena is still natural like in real nature.

  1. Cikampek City Square

cikampek squareIn addition to the places above, in the Cikampek Subdistrict, Karawang Regency, there is also a square which can be an alternative place that you must visit if you are walking in Cikampek. Every year, in this square there are always fairs, namely the Cikampek Fair and the Ramadhan Fair.

In addition to the Cikampek District Square, in this area there is also the Kotabaru square, in which there is a field and a circular track which is very suitable for exercising.

So for those of you who like to exercise, don’t forget to take the time to exercise there or just relax while watching those who are exercising.

  1. Golf course

In the Cikampek area, there are two golf courses, one of which is a golf course owned by PT. Cikampek Kujang Fertilizer.

  1. Shopping center

If you are a fan of shopping tourism, don’t forget to stop by at Cikampek. Here there are lots of shopping centers that are ready to pamper you with various types of products, both local and imported from outside the region, even from abroad. The shopping centers include:

  • Plaza Cikampek which is the oldest shopping center in the city, where this place has been built since the 1980s. It is located at the crossroads next to the Ahmad Yani Flyover.
  • Cikampek Mall which is the largest shopping center in the Cikampek area. If you are visiting Dawuan, don’t forget to stop by at the Mall which is located right in front of a red light near the Cikampek sub-district office.
  • Yogya Cikampek Department Store
  • Cikampek Trade Center
  • Sudirman Center

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