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9 Things You Must Do in Amsterdam

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Along with some tips that will make your adventure in Amsterdam even more enjoyable!

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the most attractive cities for local and foreign tourists. Amsterdam offers a very wide variety of experiences for tourists, ranging from romantic atmosphere, iconic buildings, art, food, historical facts, and of course an amazing nightlife. Amsterdam is a beautiful city in the morning and a challenging city at night.

For those of you who don’t have the guts to explore the city alone, Amsterdam has several places that offer a variety of local tours that can be tailored to the interests of every tourist at a fairly reasonable price. But it can actually be more challenging to explore new places on your own as long as safe boundaries are kept for your own safety.

Here are 9 fun and challenging things you can do on your next vacation in Amsterdam:

1. Amsterdam Canal Tour – Venice of The North

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Amsterdam is known as the “Venice of the North” this is none other than the river that surrounds each end of the city. It’s not just a myth that Amsterdam is located one meter below sea level, so boats and boats are the means of transportation that we often encounter. Some families even live in boats “parked” along the river.

With many rivers and boats, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city of Amsterdam from the boat. Generally a canal tour will take about one to two hours, and costs around 20 Euros per person.

Afternoon is the best time to take a canal tour, because the sunset will automatically add to the beauty of the river throughout this city. But you must remember that in winter the sun will set earlier than usual. Make sure your timing to enjoy this canal tour fits the sunset moment. Love’s in The Air!!

2. Amsterdam Sex Museum – Shocking Cultural Facts

9 Things You Must Do in AmsterdamDoc. Personal

One of the most popular museums in Amsterdam is the Sex Museum. This museum consists of 3 floors with various interesting infographics accompanied by photos, as well as statues that clearly show facts about sex life in Amsterdam. The museum covers everything from the sex life of the 18th century to the sex life of a prostitute, and you pay less than 10 Euros to enter.

Prepare your camera to capture interesting things presented by this museum, because the total number of sex museums that clearly show information that is considered taboo in the world is not much. And make sure you are not surprised when you enter this museum because almost 75% of the visitors to the Sex Museum are women. Wonder Why??

3. Amsterdam Cheese Tasting – Cheese Shopping

9 Things You Must Do in AmsterdamDoc. Personal

For you cheese lovers, Amsterdam can be heaven for you. Not especially when various types of cheese with various levels of doneness are served for free to taste. You can spend the whole day looking for and tasting cheese at several Cheese Shops locations.

Some Cheese Shops that you should visit are Henri Willig Kaas, Amsterdam Cheese Museum, Old Amsterdam Cheese Store, and Cheese&More. These four locations provide a cheese tester that you can enjoy for free, the price of the cheese is quite reasonable when you compare it to the price of imported cheese in Asia. You can take the cheese you buy back to Indonesia without any problems, because the packaging for each cheese you buy is definitely airtight. Sehr Lecker!!

4. Amsterdam Red Light District – Thrilling Experience

9 Things You Must Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its lifestyle that legalizes prostitution, this is very interesting because prostitution in this city is really located in the center of Amsterdam. The Red Light District gets lively and bustling after 8 p.m., and that’s when tourists and locals alike are presented with an astonishing sight.

We can clearly see the glass room with bright red lights filled with women in very “minimalist” clothes. The sight of men stopping while glaring in front of the glass room is also a common thing to find. Usually they will make a “deal” in front of the “storefront” before they enter the “storefront” and the curtains will be closed.

Please note that the women in the “storefront” are professional prostitutes and they are not items to be photographed, so photo cameras will not be allowed in this area. If someone is caught taking photos, there will be a party that will kick you out of the location.

The color of the “storefront” light itself is generally red. However, if you find a green “storefront” it is said that this “storefront” is a “storefront” for same-sex lovers. The most important thing when walking around this location is to stay alert and don’t be attracted to going into dark alleys alone. Play Safe Guys!!

5. Selfie with “I amsterdam” Sign

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9 Things You Must Do in AmsterdamDoc. Personal

This “Iamsterdam” icon is one of the most popular photo spots for tourists, especially behind the Rijkmuseum. This is because the location of this place is very strategic and is between several museums which are a magnet for tourists. It will be quite difficult to take photos here, especially when there are a lot of tourists who gather in this place. it will be hard to get a good selfie instagramworthy for you to post.

The option is to arrive before 10 am so this location will not be too crowded, and in the end the photos you get will also be more brilliant. Actually in Amsterdam itself there are several “Iamsterdam” icons that can be used as photo locations, one of which is in the northern part of the city and the other is located near Schiphol airport. So if you want to get photos with the “Iamsterdam” icon easily without having to wake up this morning, this can be the solution. Go Get It!!

6. Red Light Secret – Prostitution Museum

9 Things You Must Do in Amsterdam

This museum is one of the attractions that you must visit while in Amsterdam. While in the Red Light District you are not allowed to use your camera, but in this place you are free to take photos of whatever you see inside. Inside this place you will find a spot location that is very similar to the location of the red light district, except that the woman in the “storefront” is a mannequin.

In addition to dioramas and sexy mannequins, in this Museum you can also see another side of the lives of prostitutes. Starting from reading their confession stories stuck on the side of the wall, to sitting and preparing in the “storefront” where they work.

For only 8 Euros, you can get information that is rich in lessons and cultural values. Red Light Secrets is the only prostitution museum in the world. Don’t Miss This One!!

7. Amsterdam Wind Mill Selfie

9 Things You Must Do in AmsterdamDoc. Personal

Windmolen or what we know as windmills is indeed one of the icons of the Netherlands. Amsterdam as one of the largest cities in the country also used to have many windmills. This windmill is useful not only for flowing water but some are also used for industrial processes. Along with the development of the era, the use of windmills in big cities is also increasingly rare. Apart from being replaced by electricity, the source of the wind to rotate the windmill is also blocked by buildings built in the city of Amsterdam itself.

But it’s not Amsterdam, if you don’t have a country icon, you can still find windmills that are still standing at least 10 spots in Amsterdam. Most of them have not been used as they should before, but the appearance of the windmill is still very interesting to be immortalized in selfie photos on your vacation.

If you want to see and capture a working windmill, you can actually take a bus to Zaanse Schans. This place is located not far from the center of Amsterdam and can be reached by bus while enjoying the city view during the day. There are also several city tours that offer packages Windmolen tour for 5 hours at a cost of around 50 Euros. It’s Worth the Price!!

8. Late Night Pub Crawl

9 Things You Must Do in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is known to many as one of the most enjoyable free countries to visit, Amsterdam is none other than one of the main destinations for tourists who enjoy the free country. The nightlife will be felt when you enter the downtown area, not only about sex and prostitution, but also many clubs and bars that offer drinks at very pocket-friendly prices. The pubs that line up seem to beckon you with all the glitter of the night that this city has, but you need to know how to feel the sensation economically, by following the pub-crawl.

Pub-crawling is the activity of moving clubs and tasting the drinks offered by each of these pubs. Pub crawls are usuallyorganize by several tour services, but if you want it to be more economical you can also follow the ones held by the hostels themselves. Usually hostel visitors will gather in the lobby at a certain hour then together with one of the hostel staff as a “tour leader” walk around the fun pubs.

Not infrequently there are hostels that work with pubs to provide “all you can drink” facilities and for those of you who have high alcohol resistance this will be a very good deal for you. It’s just that you need to remember to stay safe, and not to be left behind by the group, and what is no less important is to know the limits of your own drinking power. Know Your Own Limits!!

9. Museums Hoping – Art, Facts and History

9 Things You Must Do in AmsterdamDoc. Personal

Amsterdam is known as one of the cities that has a lot of great museums in it. Various kinds of museums are usually always filled with local and foreign tourists. Starting from an art museum containing famous sculptures, paintings, carvings, and works of art from famous artists, to museums that tell the history of world wars and the formation of culture and national culture.

If you are a history lover, you must visit the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Here you will see many facts about the formation of this city, ranging from world wars, colonialism, to the joining of this city with the Netherlands. There is also a story about the VOC and Indonesia which is also the highlight of the story in this museum. The museum, which accepts visitors from 10 am to 5 pm, has been supported by modern technology to maximize the tourist experience.

Don’t forget to bring your student card when you want to visit this museum because you will get a special price for the entrance ticket. And even if you are not interested in going to museums while on vacation in Amsterdam or some other cities in Europe, you should still bring your student card with you because there are many benefits that you will get in many cities in Europe. Starting from special prices for food, discounted entrance tickets to attractions, even discounts for taking public transportation. Student Card for Student Price!!

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