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9 Popular Movies of Song Kang Ho, the Legend of Korean Films!

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Song Kang Ho is a talented senior actor who has successfully plunged into the world of film since 1996. Going through a career full of twists and turns, never made him give up. Until finally he has appeared in more than 30 films, almost all of which are popular films.

It didn’t stop there, this simple but high-quality actor has managed to collect more than 40 prestigious awards. Almost all the films that he starred in received positive responses from the audience. Come on, see what films have been played by Kang Ho ahjussi!

1. In the latest film ‘Emergency Declaration’ which was postponed, Song Kang Ho played a detective named In Ho who investigated the case of a plane crash due to an emergency landing

2. Previously, in the film ‘The King’s Letters’ (2019), he had played the role of King Sejeong who struggled to create the original Korean alphabet (Hangeul), daebak!

3. In the same year, the film ‘Parasite’ (2019) managed to win 4 trophies at the Oscars. This senior actor plays the role of Ki Taek, a poor family head who lives in a slum who ends up being a driver in a wealthy family.

4. The Drug King is a film that tells the story of South Korea in the 1970s, Song Kang Ho plays the character of Lee Do Sam, a person who works in an illegal goods smuggling group

5. Playing the role of a driver named Kim Man Soeb, Song Kang Ho managed to stir the feelings of the audience in the popular film titled ‘Taxi Driver’ (2017)

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6. Back in the action thriller genre film ‘The Age of Shadows’ (2016), Song Kang Ho this time competes with actor Gong Yoo, who performs an undercover action

7. The Throne which aired in 2015 tells about King Yeongjo, played by Song Kang Ho, he aspires to be the perfect king because of his dark background

8. In the film ‘The Attorney’ (2013) which is based on a true story, the character of a lawyer named Song Woo Seok is played by this legendary actor

9. As the title suggests, in The Face Reader (2013) Song Kang Ho plays the role of Nae Kyung, a face reader who is able to judge a person’s personality and future

Those are a series of films that have starred talented actors who are respected in the world of national and international cinema. Almost all the films he starred in made it into award nominations, daebak!

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