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9 Popular Drama OSTs That Get CHEEZE’s Votes

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One of the indie singers who is often called CHEEZE is a talented soloist from South Korea. Having a sound that can spoil the ear, CHEEZE often fills up original soundtrack in popular Korean dramas. Starting from It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Start-upuntil Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

Recently, his voice was back in the latest drama, played by Song Kang and Park Min Young, namely Forecasting Love and Weather. Curious soundtrack What dramas has the owner of this melodious voice ever sung? Keep scrolling!

1. Early 2022 CHEEZE returned to fill the OST for the drama Forecasting Love and Weather entitled “Melting”

2. In the drama Melancholia (2021), CHEEZE sings the song “Let Me Know” with her characteristic soft voice

3. “My Romance” adorns the story of Hong Du Sik and Yoon Hye Jin at Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, the combination of guitar and CHEEZE’s voice makes you cool!

4. Soft piano strains combine with CHEEZE’s signature sound in the OST of the drama My Rommate is Gumiho (2021) entitled “Moon”

5. CHEEZE’s sad voice in the song “Daydream” gives life to a number of scenes in the drama She Would Never Know

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6. “Even For A Moment” is included in the OST of the star-studded drama, Start-Up. Get ready to be made flashbacks and confused with CHEEZE’s voice, deh

7. One of the most listened to, “Little by Little” is one of the OSTs for the drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay which is quite iconic.

8. In the drama Encounter, the song “The Day We Met” is the opening soundtrack, which has deep and moving lyrics

9. “How About You”, the OST for the drama Suspicous Partner has a heartwarming mix of music and CHEEZE’s voice, you know

Get ready to be made baper and Flash back with the stories in the drama through a series of OSTs that CHEEZE has sung. Cheeze’s songs have melodious, warm, and calming strains that are perfect for listening to while resting or relaxing.

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