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9 Memorable K-Pop Songs Titled ‘Tonight’, Full of Meaning!

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Everyone spends time at night in different ways. Some choose to have fun by entertaining themselves, some are confused about reminiscing about the past.

This is clearly described through various K-Pop songs with various meanings. To match the lyrics, the song is entitled “Tonight”, which literally means night.

1. Jin’s “Tonight” discusses irreplaceable happy memories. The BTS vocalist makes him think of his pet

2. BIGBANG’s “Tonight” reveals the various phases of a relationship, from falling in love to getting hurt after a breakup

3. SHINee’s “Tonight” describes the feeling of someone who loves their partner so much that their days are meaningful

4. With a catchy melody, Crayon Pop’s “Tonight” reveals a beautiful night spent with loved ones

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Editor’s picks

5. As the title suggests, GOT7’s “Good Tonight” discusses unforgettable moments of having fun with your partner

6. WINNER’s “Tonight” discusses a person’s regret for leaving his lover without knowing that loneliness will hurt him

7. It’s fun to hear, Hyolyn’s “Tonight” reveals one’s courage in showing interest in their crush

8. BLACKSWAN’s “Tonight” is about the relationship of an adult couple who understand each other

9. “Tonight, I’ll Be At Your Side” by BEAST reveals the painful breakup phase that makes it difficult to forget the past with the ex

The songs above can make listeners feel connected when listening to them at night. You can also listen to it while adjusting its meaning to your feelings or mood, you know.

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