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9 K-Pop Idol Girls Retire without Scandal, New Profession

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The decision to retire from the South Korean entertainment industry doesn’t always end badly for idol K pop. The reason is also not always because they want to get married or a scandal, considering that not a few actually have career opportunities in different fields and become much more successful by living a more comfortable life.

Here are some idol KPop who choose another job, after being no longer active in the entertainment industry. Their new profession is quite unique and diverse, you know. Come on, see the list!

1. Somyi ex DIA

Somyi ex DIA (

Somyi joined DIA in April 2017 and participated in various eras before her contract expired. After 5 years together, he left the agency as well as the group due to health reasons.

Now, Somyi is busy being a BJ (broadcast jockeying) in platform PandaTV. His decision reaped the pros and cons, considering that the platform is widely known by the South Korean public for its adult content.

2. Lee Ji Yeon

Jiyeon chose to move to the United States and married Cody Taylor after debuting with the release of “Wind, Please Stop Blowing”. The two of them have now successfully established a restaurant called Heirloom Market BBQ in Atlanta. In addition, Jiyeon became the best chef chosen by CulinaryLokal.

3. Yuna ex AOA

9 K-Pop Idol Girls Retire without Scandal, New ProfessionYuna ex AOA (

Yuna has officially become a yoga instructor after leaving AOA and FNC Entertainment. He has started his new career happily, until he managed to get official certification as an instructor. He often shows his work on his personal Instagram, you know.

4. Lee So Eun

9 K-Pop Idol Girls Retire without Scandal, New ProfessionLee So Eun (

Lee So Eun is a singer song ballad which is popular in South Korea. This sweet voiced artist debuted in 1998, but then moved to the United States to study law in 2009 after graduating from Korea University.

Lee So Eun studied law at Northwestern University Law School in Chicago. This made him change his career as a lawyer in 2012, where he has officially retired as a singer.

5. Ahn Mi Jeong

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Mijeong started her career as a member of the first generation hip hop group, O-24. He decided to change his profession by becoming a reporter and news anchor at SBS Suwon.

A few years later, Mijeong starts teaching English at a center that helps people prepare for their entrance exams to the police force. He officially became a tutor after studying English at Sungkyunkwan University which became a stepping stone for his career.

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6. Jisoo ex TAHITI

9 K-Pop Idol Girls Retire without Scandal, New ProfessionJisoo ex TAHITI (

Jisoo’s career as idol in 2012, but began announcing his intention to retire in 2017 due to suffering from panic disorder and depression. Not long after, he decided to leave the group.

Before admitting that his mental health was disturbed, there were rumors that Jisoo had received a sponsorship offer and caused controversy. Many consider that this is the reason why he decided to retire and become a Pilates instructor at this time.

7. Stephanie Kim

9 K-Pop Idol Girls Retire without Scandal, New ProfessionStephanie Kim (

On June 26, 2020, people close to Stephanie stated to the media that her acquaintance had stopped working in the entertainment industry. He is said to have taught ballet in the United States for a year. The exclusive contract with the agency has ended, until the decision to retire was taken by him.

8. Sungyeon ex PRISTIN

9 K-Pop Idol Girls Retire without Scandal, New ProfessionSungyeon ex PRISTIN (

After PRISTIN disbanded, Sungyeon remained at Pledis Entertainment by focusing more on being a producer. He composed many songs for various well-known artists, such as fromis_9, Kep1er, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, and Chung Ha.

9. Eunjin ex DIA

9 K-Pop Idol Girls Retire without Scandal, New ProfessionEunjin ex DIA (

Eunjin had a career as a rapper for DIA before finally leaving due to health problems. After 2 years of retirement, he became broadcast jockey in platform TVAfrica regularly uploads question and answer content. However, he has quit due to receiving a lot of malicious comments and is now more actively uploading content on YouTube.

Despite being retired, the works of idol above while still active in the entertainment industry will always be remembered by their respective fans. Their decision to retire also needs to be respected because they must have considered it well.

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