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9 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Guangzou To Visit

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Guangzhou is the largest city in southern China with a capital named Guangdong and is one of the most densely populated cities in China. however Guangzhou is one of the trade centers in the country.

Guangzhou has an area of ​​about 7,433 square km with a recorded population of 14.04 million in 2016. This does not make Guangzhou a slum city due to its population density. In addition to tourist attractions in Beijing and tourist attractions in Shanghai which are most frequently visited by tourists, Guangzhou also has many interesting tourist attractions to visit and this makes Guangzhou the capital of cheap tourist countries in Asia. Here are 9 tourist attractions in Guangzhou that are interesting to visit.

1. Guangzhou Museum

This tour in Guangzou is in the form of a museum tour which has a very unique building architecture that is in the form of a cube with a metallic gray color that stands out from the surrounding environment. The Guangzou Museum is a place that stores and displays various objects that have valuable and historic value. This tourist spot in Guangzou consists of 2 floors which are divided into 2 parts consisting of an exhibition area and an art gallery area.

In this Guangzou museum, there are various collections of historical objects and objects that describe the civilization of ancient Guangzhou people’s lives. The location of the Guangzou museum is at 2 Zhujiang E Rd, Tianhe Guangzhou, China. This tourist spot can be visited every day from 9 am to 5 pm. This is because the nature that surrounds this shimen park has various objects that are very harmonious with each other. Shimen National Forest Park is located between mountains and surrounded by very shady hills. In this park you can find forests that have various types of botanical plants and there are also rivers and colorful flower gardens, the flowers here are arranged so beautifully and beautifully displaying an interesting color combination like a painting.

2. Potala Palace

Potala PalaceIf you want to see how majestic the palace is like in the past tourist attractions in Guangzou, you can visit the potala palace. Potala palace displays a form and architecture that is so luxurious and majestic which is a pity if you don’t visit it while in Guangzhou. Potala palace stands tall on a hill, this building can last for several hundred years because of the foundation and materials used in the construction process using the best materials ever used at that time.

Potala palace is often referred to as the pearl on the roof of the world because of the charm displayed by this ancient palace. The Potala Palace is actually the residence of the Dalai Lamas of Tibet since time immemorial. The palace itself has 13 levels with a height of 110 meters, this tourist spot is dominated by elements of wood, stone and granite in each building. This place also consists of 2 parts of the main building where the red part of the building is the main part of this palace. The Potala Palace, apart from being the residence of the dalai lama, is also a place for political and religious activities to be carried out.

3. Canton tower

canton towerThe Canton Tower is one of the unique tourist attractions in China as the most interesting tower to visit when in Guangzhou. The tower which has a height of approximately 610 meters is one of the tourist destinations that is often visited.

The tower which was built in 2005 has an unusual tower shape from other towers, namely the indentation made on the tower body. The tower consists of several parts, namely the food court, exhibition hall, observatory room, conference room, shop and game area. At night the Canton Tower displays colorful lights, this is beautified by the presence of the tower which is close to the Pearl River.

4. Temple of the six banyan trees

Temple of the six banyan treesThis tourist spot in Guangzhou is a place or complex of a Buddhist temple that has been around for 1,500 years and is not only a Buddhist temple complex here, there is also a towering pagoda building which was founded in 1097, for the temple of the six banyan. These trees themselves were founded during the Ming dynasty.

This temple of the six banyan trees must know tips for a vacation to China so that later you will know the places of worship that are often visited by tourists, either to pray or to visit for tours. Located on Dashi street, Panyu, Guangzhou is a zoo that has an area of ​​1.3 million square meters in which there are various types of fauna, ranging from mammals to birds that are interesting to see.

5. Baiyun montain

Baiyun montainBaiyun mountain or more often called the white cloud mountain is one of the tourist attractions in Guangzou that should not be visited. Baiyun montain is dubbed as white cloud mountain because of its natural scenery which is surrounded by thick white clouds which are very beautiful. Baiyun Mountain is the oldest mountain tour in Guangdong and is located in the northern suburbs of Guangzhou.

In this place we will be able to see or even touch the white clouds that cover the peaks of the mountains and also the scenery displayed in this place makes visitors feel as if they entered an ancient painting as a tourist spot in China which is so beautiful. In this place also has some very interesting tours to enjoy such as the yontai garden which features a flower garden that is so beautiful and there is also a giant bird cage and is the largest in China called Lina bird spring valley park. This place can be visited from 6 am to 5 pm every day.

6. Sun yat-sen memorial hall

Sun yat-sen memorial hallThe next tourist spot in Guangzhou is the Sun yat-sen memorial hall which is a building built to commemorate Dr. Sun yat sen who was the first president of China who had a big and important role in China’s democratic revolution at that time.

Sun yat-sen memorial hall was built in 1964 and completed in 1972. This place is not only used as a historical monument but also as a place for cultural learning, a source of academic research and as a place of recreation. In addition, in this place there is a library that has a complete collection of books and the sun yat-sen memorial hall can also accommodate more than 2,600 visitors. And the special thing that can be seen at this chimelong safari park is the presence of pandas which are typical animals of China’s bamboo curtain country, even though the pandas here are very much protected by their environment so that their habitat is not disturbed by human presence.

7. Zhangye danxia landform

zhangye Danxia rainbow mountainTourist attractions in Guangzhou-China are not inferior to Jabotabek natural attractions in Jakarta. This tourist spot is in the form of a view that displays a stretch of colorful mountains and hills as far as the eye can see. The hills and valleys in this place have bright colors such as yellow, emerald green, turquoise green to yellow which are so contrasting with the environment around them. Zhangye danxia landform has an area of ​​300 sq KM and is part of the zhangye danxia landform geological park. In this place will not be found living creatures because the environmental conditions are dry and barren. The colors in the zhangye danxia lanform are a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the presence of red rocks and sand and minerals that were formed since the limestone period 24 million years ago. In zhangye danxia lanform, you can also find caves hidden behind colorful hills that hold its own charm for visitors to this place.

And in addition to some of the reviews of the places above, there are also some tourist attractions in Guangzou as follows:

  1. Chimelong safari park.
  2. Shimen National Forest Park Guangzhou.

Those are some reviews of tourist attractions in Guangzou with reviews of many places that you can know because the place is very interesting and also very unique.

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