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9 Honeymoon Tourist Attractions in Bandung Mandatory to Stay

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Enjoying the period after the wedding is indeed a moment that will not be forgotten for all couples. The thought of spending time alone without thinking too much about it will relax you. In addition, the post-wedding period can also be the best time to share with your partner before actually returning to work or busyness. Bandung is one of the honeymoon destinations or honeymoon destinations for couples who come from various regions, including outside Bandung. One of the tourist attractions in West Java is already very famous. The following are some romantic destinations to consider.

Leaf Village

Kampung Daun is a very romantic place for newly married couples. This tourist spot, which is located in the Lembang area, precisely in the Cihideung area, has characteristics such as cold air, cool atmosphere, romantic dim lights and is located in a famous tourist area in Bandung.

You and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner and make beautiful memories. The Saung in Kampung Daun has a very attractive design according to the number of visitors. Dim yellow lights and torches located along the road will add to the romantic atmosphere.

Some of the mainstay menus from Kampung Daun are grilled carp, liwet rice, grilled rice, oncom rice, and other menus. You can also choose snacks such as batagor, fried bananas and many more. You can also enjoy a variety of drink menus according to your taste, such as bajigur, bandrek, coffee, juice and other drinks.

Flower Garden Villa

flower garden villaVilla Taman Bunga is one of the most romantic places to stay in Bandung. You can choose from various types of villas to spend time with your partner after marriage. Villa Taman Bunga is located in the Jalan Kolonel Masturi area, KM 9, Parongrong Lembang. You can reach this place from the Cimahi line, Lembang terminal and Pasteur toll road.

There are several types of villas according to the number of rooms to be rented. From this row of villas you can enjoy the typical views of the city of Bandung such as the hills and the very cool air. If you feel bored to stay in the villa then simply take a walk to various nearby destinations such as Boscha observatory, Kampung Daun restaurant, The Peak, Iman Seniman and Sapu Lidi Resort. The facilities and services of Villa Taman Bunga are guaranteed to be very satisfying.

Sweep Lidi Resort

resort broomSapu Lidi Resort can be a choice of place to stay for a honeymoon in the city of Bandung, precisely in the Lembang area. This inn will provide a warm, romantic atmosphere and a very pleasant natural feel. You can spend time looking at the rice fields and mountains which are soothing to the eyes. This accommodation, which is located in the Jalan Sergeant Bajuti area, Cihideung, Lembang, is easy to reach.

Each inn has a very distinctive natural feel, such as cool wooden floors, a roof made of palm fiber and equipped with a very attractive balcony. Each accommodation in the form of a bungalow can be ordered according to the type. All rooms have facilities such as private bathroom, TV, gazebo, wi-fi, and also a swimming pool. If you feel bored then you can go around the lake by canoe. If your stomach is hungry then you can order a typical menu from the city of Bandung.

Cikole Graphics

cikole graphicHotel Graphic Cikole can be a romantic and fun place to stay for couples. All the inns that are rented in this place are shaped like typical Hobit houses. All lodging places have a very distinctive natural feel such as wooden building materials with views of pine forests and grass. The inn is equipped with facilities such as TV, private bathroom, shower, and breakfast.

This accommodation, which is located on Jalan Raya Tangkuban Perahu Km 8, Lembang, is located on the main route to Mount Tangkuban Perahu. The interesting thing in this place is walking in the forest and enjoying the cool cool air. If you feel bored, you can rent a tent, enjoy various games such as out bonding and also have a romantic dinner at a restaurant in this area.

Imah Artist

artist houseIf you want to enjoy a very thick natural atmosphere and try the sensation of staying close to nature, you can go to Imah Seniman Tourism Village. A tourist location located in the area of ​​Jalan Colonel Masturi no 8, Lembang, Bandung. This tourist spot offers a variety of very interesting activities such as staying on the shores of a beautiful lake, romantic evening tombs with a forest atmosphere, fishing in the river, out bonding and also shopping at a village-style gallery.

You can choose an inn that is located on the edge of a lake with a typical Javanese inn. All the furniture in the inn uses traditional village ornaments. To pass the time you can fish in the lake. All these facilities have been well provided by very friendly waiters. The windows and doors of the inn will face the beautiful lake and at night the atmosphere will be even more romantic. You can enjoy typical Bandung food at the restaurant that has been provided. During the day you can pass the time by doing out bond in the mountain area. All games and facilities can be rented at very affordable prices.

Jadul Village / Adarapura Resort & Spa

old school villageJadul Village is a super romantic inn located at Jalan Canal Sersan Bajuri No. 45, Lembang, Bandung. This inn, which has Javanese ornaments, is indeed very calming. You can choose the type of lodging with the type of Gebyok, Jogol, and Limasan. All types of lodging types have different facilities. If you look at the various type names, you will feel that you are living in the Central Java area who moved to the city of Bandung.

All parts of this hotel are open and face the vast nature and very cool air. Koi fish ponds and lotus ponds with wooden shades make you feel like living in a very large garden. At night, you and your partner can enjoy special dishes and a romantic atmosphere in the restaurant. All the dishes in the restaurant are also not too expensive.

Villa Air Natural Resort

villa natural water resortVilla Air Natural Resort is a romantic and beautiful accommodation located in the Lembang area, Bandung. This beautiful lodging area is not far from Mount Tangkuban Perahu and downtown Bandung. The calm and warm atmosphere can make all guests feel very relaxed. Each inn building has a very distinctive traditional ornament. In addition, around the inn is always surrounded by a water park which makes the atmosphere more relaxed.

Some of the facilities offered can be selected according to the type. Some of the activities that you can do during your stay at this place are such as walking around the strawberry garden, picking strawberries, going around tea plantations, riding horses, walking in the Lembang area, and going around the Flower Garden. Of course this place is very fun for a honeymoon with a partner. This inn is located at Villa Istana Bunga, Jalan Kolonel Masturi Km 9, Lembang, Bandung.

Valley Resort Hotel

valley resort bandungAnother recommended option for honeymooners is the Valley Resort Hotel. This hotel, which is located at Jalan Lembah Pakar Timur No 28 Dago, Bandung, is indeed very romantic. This resort is located right above the hills of Bandung city. The warm and cool atmosphere attracts couples who come from various regions. The atmosphere of the resort is very special with a view of the dim lights of the city of Bandung. Each room is equipped with very special facilities.

To pass the time at this inn you can try playing golf on the mini golf course, playing billiards and various other games. If you are interested in getting around the inn, you can ride a horse, ride an ATV or just take a walk. All these facilities can be used by all guests because they are provided free of charge. For dinner you can choose a typical Bandung menu at the restaurant.

Sandalwood Boutique Hotel

sandalwood bandungSandalwood Boutique Hotel is a 4-star hotel that can be a honeymoon destination for newlyweds. This hotel, which is located in Jalan Sesko AU No. 1, Lembang, is indeed a very special hotel. All types of rooms are designed with a wider size, typical Javanese furniture, and very complete facilities. In addition, the view of the city of Bandung that can be enjoyed from the hotel balcony is indeed very beautiful.

When you feel bored at the hotel, you can take a walk in De’Ranch and the Floating Market without having to pay extra. You can spend time while walking and make a romantic impression with your partner. The most interesting part of this inn is that there is no air conditioning in the rooms, but don’t worry because the atmosphere of the hotel is very cool and cold. The view of the typical ancient atmosphere, swimming pool and garden can support a romantic atmosphere.

So choose the most romantic place to stay in Bandung with your partner. Make memories every second with a new step in your life.

If you visit the city of Bandung, don’t forget to visit various other tourist attractions in Bandung, such as:

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