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9 Delicious Places to Eat with Nature in Cibubur

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Culinary tourism is one of the most popular tourist activities. This is because each region has its own unique culinary place. So don’t be surprised if sometimes we find that an area that is in the same tribe, but has very different specialties. If we look further, this difference is actually a very normal and very natural thing. There are several tourist locations that actually make culinary a selling point in front of tourists.

Some cities have a lot of culinary tourism locations which are sometimes almost as many as other tourist destinations. One of these cities is Cibubur. A city that is right in the Jakarta area. There are so many tourist attractions in Cibubur that make it very famous and often visited by many people. As one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta, Cibubur does have its own uniqueness. Regarding the location of culinary tourism, we can find several places to eat with natural nuances in Cibubur which will certainly be very interesting to visit.

Culinary is still a very high selling point. Many areas promote their culinary tourism. This is usually because the potential that exists in them is greater in culinary tourism itself. this itself is also very closely related to several things that become an advantage in culinary tourism. Cibubur as one of the areas that has a fairly large culinary tourism potential understands this. Therefore, the development of the culinary world in Cibubur is very large and fast as well. Several places to eat with natural nuances in Cibubur itself attract the attention of many visitors.

This is because tourists still prefer something that smells of nature and is related to nature. In addition, most places to eat that have a natural feel will have food menus that are still traditional compared to modern menus that exist in many eating places today. Some places to eat in Cibubur that have a natural nuance are:

1. Shrimp Gubug Situ Cibubur

The first place we will discuss in a place to eat with natural nuances in Cibubur is the Shrimp Gubug Situ Cibubur. This one place is one of the locations for lesehan dining in Jakarta. This is because the concept carried by this location itself is a place to eat Sundanese. So if we visit here, we will be greeted by a row of huts that are neatly lined up with very interesting and pleasant natural views.

The place to eat is located at Bumi Perkemahan & Graha Wisata Pramuka Cibubur, Jl. Campground, Cibubur, Jakarta is one of the most famous places to eat in Cibubur. In addition, the location owned by this place can be said to be quite strategic.

Its location right on the edge of the highway makes it very easy to be accessed by visitors who may be on their way to Jakarta. Those who are hungry on the go and want to taste something different should stop by this location. Here you will not only enjoy delicious food, but also can relax and release fatigue on the way. This location itself has several artificial lakes that can be very interesting for visitors.

The food menu offered at this location itself is quite diverse. However, most of the menus at this location are seafood menus which are quite well known. one of the mainstay menus that must be tried is the Honey Grilled Shrimp menu. The menu has captured the hearts of many visitors.

2. Lush Terrace

Lush TerraceOne place to eat can be said to be quite unique and interesting. as a place to eat that has a natural feel, this location also has a very comfortable atmosphere. If we visit here, we will be spoiled by the many food menus at this location.

The lush terrace does have a lot of supporting facilities that are deliberately provided to be able to pamper the visitors who come to this location. if we think of it as a place to eat only then we will also be mistaken. Because here there are many other things that we can enjoy, not only limited to the presence of food. There is a children’s play area here.

Futsal field, Rest area, Food Court location. So indeed we can not only think of it as an ordinary place to eat. Teras Rimbun itself is a place to eat that is very complete with all the facilities it has. If we talk about the food menu, this location itself has a very diverse food menu. Many typical Indonesian food menus that are already in accordance with the tongue of Indonesian people are served in this place. Regarding the taste, we don’t need to doubt it, it is certain that the taste of the food at this location is very tasty and satisfying.

3. Gubug Mang Engking

Gubug Mang EngkingWho is not familiar with this one place to eat. A place to eat that has been very tested and proven to be delicious. In addition to Cibubur, Gubung Mang Engking is also found in a place to eat with natural nuances in Depok, a place to eat with natural nuances in Bandung which is already quite famous. seafood lovers must know very well and even understand the enjoyment of every menu offered by this one dining place.

This place to eat that carries the Sundanese concept is indeed very able to present a very thick natural atmosphere. Visitors will be greeted by several huts that we can use for lesehan. In addition, we can also enjoy the view of the fish ponds that exist in that location. There is no need to worry about the food menu. Every food menu at this location is guaranteed enjoyment and satisfaction. Many menus are mainstays at this location, such as grilled prawns, fried and grilled carp, then squid, and many more. Guaranteed, we will be very satisfied after visiting and enjoying the food menu at this location.

4. Gate Archipelago Restaurant

The next place to eat with natural nuances in Cibubur is the Sunda Gate Restaurant. As the name of this restaurant indicates. The concept carried at this location itself is a typical place to eat with a Sundanese atmosphere. This location has a large enough space so that it can accommodate many visitors who want to come and enjoy the food in this place. In addition to being a place to eat, this location is also suitable as a gathering place to hold a certain event.

This location consists of two dining concepts, we can have an indoor dining area or we can also choose a place to eat in the huts that are already provided. For the food menu itself, this place has a lot of typical food menus and tastes very delicious. A visit to this location will certainly not make you feel disappointed.

In addition to the places mentioned above, there are still several places to eat that have a natural feel in the Cibubur area, such as

  1. Kuring Hut
  2. Kang Udin’s Saung Sunda
  3. Sondoro Seafood
  4. Arowana Lake
  5. Basil Hut

That was a complete list of places to eat with natural nuances in Cibubur that you must visit. If you visit the place, then you can not only enjoy a delicious food menu. But also can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Hopefully the information was useful.

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