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9 Cheap Hotels in Padang Most Comfortable Cheap Hotels in Padang

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Enjoying a vacation with family, of course, is an opportunity that must be used as well as possible. For that, many things must be prepared carefully, especially regarding the budget. Well, for those of you who are on vacation in Padang, here is useful information that can help you to reduce holiday spending. Yes, the following 9 cheap hotels in Padang are the best choices for you and your family who are having a vacation.

1. Hotel Hangtuah

Judging from its strategic location, namely in the Pasar Raya Padang area and the modern mall, Telaga Andalas, who would have thought that Hangtuah Hotel has a fairly affordable price. If you arrive in Padang city via air flight, via Bukit Tinggi International airport, you only need to travel approximately 45 minutes to reach this hotel. Relax, the hotel’s friendly service is always ready 24 hours, whenever you need it.
In addition to the free airport shuttle, one of the favorite facilities of this hotel is a non-smoking room. Of course this is very important for your health. Because we know, passive smokers also have a risk of getting cancer. And for this reason, this should really be considered.
Hotel Hangtuah also offers a menu of local food available in the restaurant which is open 24 hours. For room facilities, there is a balcony that can show beautiful views, because hitel Hangtuah is 20 minutes from one of the famous beaches featuring the statue of the legend Malin Kundang. Yes, the location from Air Manis Beach is only about 20 minutes away by car. In addition, there is also a TV ready to accompany you and complete AC and wardrobe.
For those of you who may still be confused about planning tourism in this area, you only need to go to the reception desk for help. And after that, you will get the right vacation plan to be able to enjoy the beautiful city of Padang well.

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2. Bat & Arrow

Bat & Arrow

The next cheap hotel in Padang that is suitable as a recommendation for you to enjoy a fun holiday with your family is the Bat & Arrow hotel. This hotel is located in the Siti Nurbaya Bridge area. Yes, you only need to walk for 7 minutes, and you will get to this hotel.
Slick views typical of the mountains, is also one of the attractions of the visitors who finally choose this hotel as a place to stay. You can enjoy the view every morning, simply by going out to your room balcony. Not only that, every room at Bat & Arrow Hotel is equipped with a table where you can put your belongings that are easily accessible. You can order breakfast options from continental to European-style menus every day.
Another facility that can be taken into consideration when choosing the Bat & Arrow hotel as a cheap hotel in Padang, is the billiards facility at this hotel. To add to the completeness of your taste buds, there is also a restaurant bar that serves Chinese cuisine. For those of you who cannot be separated from an internet connection, don’t worry, WIFI facilities are also available in the hotel area to meet the needs of its customers.

3. Mother House

Mother House

The next cheap hotel option in Padang is Bunda House. Located about 12 minutes from the beach, Bunda House is ready to provide the best service they have. Starting from the reception desk which is always on standby 24 hours, free WiFi access, to the halal breakfast they provide.
Bunda House is located in the city of Padang, approximately 6 km from the famous Siti Nurbaya bridge. The choice of simple and comfortable style rooms makes this place ogled by some people who want a cheap hotel in Padang. In addition, the homey atmosphere is also supported by the availability of tables and seating areas in each room. So, for those of you who vacation with family, have a place to gather together.

4. The Lenggogeni House

The Lenggogeni House
The best choice for those of you who are looking for a shared kitchen as a supporting facility in a hotel. Yes, The Lenggogeni House Padang is the right choice for those of you who are looking for a cheap hotel in Padang. In addition to the kitchen, this hotel also provides shared lounge facilities that you and your family can use.
Located approximately 2.3 km from Siti Nurbaya Bridge, The Lenggogeni House is an option because some rooms are equipped with balconies that show the beautiful scenery that the owner of the room can enjoy. Free wi-fi facilities also complement this hotel. In each room, there is also a table to store your belongings, making it easy to reach.

5. Hotel Alifa Syariah

Hotel Alifa Syariah

For those of you who want a fairly strategic lodging location, the Alifa Syariah Hotel in Padang can be a reference. This budget hotel in Padang is located only 2.7 km from Siti Nurbaya Bridge. In addition, various other public places such as restaurants, supermarkets, malls, or plazas are also close to this hotel.
Supporting facilities for each room are free Wi-Fi service, a 24-hour front desk. For some rooms, there is also a choice of balconies that offer beautiful views that can be a relief from the fatigue of the tour you are currently on. Yes, although vacations with family are fun, fatigue or exhaustion can also hit. For that, the choice of room is one of the important things to think about. Besides being able to rest, the chosen hotel is certainly expected to provide comfort so that you will be fit again to enjoy tourism in the city of Padang.

6.Jesnic Hotel

Jessica Hotel

Even though it includes simple accommodation, Jesnic Hotel is arguably one of the cheapest hotel places in Padang that is a recommendation. The reason is, this hotel which is only 5 minutes from China Town offers various facilities that will pamper you. Starting from free parking, airport shuttle facilities, and also food or breakfast services that can be delivered to the room. Interesting right?
If you are on vacation with a group and want to prepare your own food, then Jesnic Hotel also provides kitchen facilities and a shared dining room. So, even though you are on vacation, the tradition of eating with your family’s special dishes can still be carried out well. Free Wi-Fi is also ready to be used throughout the hotel. For those of you who want to make travel plans, you can communicate to the reception desk which is on standby 24 hours to meet customer needs.

7. Brigitte’s House

Brigitte's House
If one of your tourist destinations is the famous Adityawarman Museum, then Brigitte’s House is a reference for cheap hotels in Padang, which is a good choice. Only need to walk approximately 15 minutes, then Brigitte’s House offers a comfortable residence with a thick mountain atmosphere that can be refreshing. The rooms here have a uniquely warm d├ęcor and the bathrooms are equipped with a shower. To enjoy the atmosphere, you can take advantage of the terrace combined with free surfing in cyberspace, because free Wi-Fi access is available.

8. New House Padang

New House Padang

Another cheap hotel option in Padang located in the Adityawarman Museum area is New House Padang. From this hotel, Minangkabau International Airport can be reached in 45 minutes, and you don’t need to worry because there is a free shuttle service that you can use. Equipped with a kitchen and a shared dining area, New House Padang is one of the recommended places to support your vacation with family.

9. Havila Maranatha

Nearest cheap hotel

If you are traveling to Padang for business, then one of the cheap hotels in Padang that you can visit is Havila Maranatha. Close to Minangkabau airport, Padang Beach, and Plaza Andalas, Havla Maranatha which provides various complete facilities to stay is highly recommended to be your first choice.

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