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9 Beautiful and Hidden Beach Tours in East Java

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The beach seems to be one of the alternative choices for people to vacation. Many people think so that when the holidays arrive, the beach becomes one of the booming tourist attractions, especially on the beach which is the “landmark” of the area. Well, for those of you who are on vacation to East Java and want a quieter East Java beach tour, let’s look at 9 beautiful and hidden beaches in East Java.

1. Pacitan Kuniran Beach

Pacitan Kuniran Beach

Well, for those of you who live or are heading to the Pacitan area and its surroundings, it seems that this Pacitan Kuniran Beach is a must that you visit. To be precise, Kuniran Pacitan beach is located in Hadiwaro Village, Ngadirojo District. Kuniran Beach Pacitan has its own uniqueness, namely there is a river that resembles a lake. Are you confused? So, the river in this coastal area in the middle is overgrown with trees, just like in the middle of a lake. In addition, this Kuniran beach also provides white sand rugs which of course make visitors want to linger in this place. but it is very unfortunate, Pacitan Kuniran beach is very prone to big waves, and if it happens it will be very risky for visitors who are in the vicinity. Therefore, when the waves are rising, this place becomes deserted from visitors.

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2. Gondo Mayit Beach

Gondo Mayit Beach

Gondo Mayit Beach is a beach located in Tambakrejo Village, Wonotirto, Blitar Regency. Even though the name sounds scary, it doesn’t seem to make Gondo Mayit beach scary. Behind the spooky name, this beach is in fact one of the beaches in East Java that is able to pamper visitors with white sand and green hills around it. In addition, the sea water is also very clean which of course makes the visitors feel at home, right? This beach is perfect for you nature lovers, because the combination of the appearance of white sand, green hills, and the vast blue sea can amaze you.

3. Mbehi Beach and Bidadari Bay

Mbehi Beach and Bidadari Bay

The next East Java beach tour is Mbehi Beach and Bidadari Bay. Well, this Mbehi beach seems to be one of Malang’s hidden paradises because it is located quite remotely, which is 66km from the city center. Even so, you will not regret coming to Mbehi Beach because this beach offers a very beautiful and very interesting charm for you to explore.

The location of Mbehi Beach is also very beautiful because it is behind a protected forest. This beach also offers a stretch of white sand and blue sea that stretches which can relieve the fatigue of the visitors after traveling a long distance to get to this Mbehi Beach.

There are 2 unique things found on this Mbehi Beach. First, there is a deep water basin that directly penetrates the sea surface. When the waves are high, the surface in this basin will burst upwards. While the second is the bay of angels. This angel’s bay is a natural shallow swimming pool that was formed in the Mbehi Beach area. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Indian Ocean while soaking in the bay.

4. Jonggring Saloko Beach, Malang

Jonggring Saloko Beach Malang

Jonggring Saloko Beach is located in Mentaraman Village, Donomulyo District. This beach is indeed suitable to get the title of hidden beautiful beach because it is located very far from the city, which is about 69 km from the city center. However, it seems that you can only enjoy the beauty of this beach by looking at the scenery, because visitors are not allowed to swim at Jonggring Saloko Beach.

5. Bantol Beach

Bantul Beach

The next East Java beach tour is Bantul Beach. This beach is located in Sumberceleng Hamlet, Banjarejo Village, Donomulyo or about 10 km from Sumbermanjing Kulon Village, precisely in Pagak District. Bantol Beach is still very hidden and unknown to many tourists, most of the visitors are local residents.

Well, this is of course an opportunity for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of this Bantol Beach without the need to jostle the crowds. You can relax by enjoying the view of the white sand and blue ocean that stretches. In addition, you are also shown views of calm water with colorful coral decorations around it. Isn’t it beautiful? Not only that, in certain months, Bantol Beach also offers beautiful and amazing sunset views.

Well, for those of you who love the sea, you can also see the life under the sea. You can also see a variety of lobsters on this beach. You can also see shady trees because around this Bantol beach there are trees that are still shady and dense. This beach is also still equipped with caves which are perfect for adventurous lovers.

6. Broken Stone Beach

Broken Stone Beach

Watu Break Beach is a beach tourism in East Java which is located in Malang. This beach is filled with views of broken rocks. According to informants, the stones came from large rock fragments due to the fierce waves originating in the Indian Ocean. Well, you can use these stones as an addition to the eye object while watching the sunset and accompanied by the pounding of small waves.

To get to Watu Pecah Beach, you have to pass Ciungup Beach because Watu Pecah Beach is in the same area as Ciungup Beach.

7. Beautiful Rowo Beach / Goa China Beach

Beautiful Rowo Beach

Rowo Indah Beach / Goa Cina Beach is one of the tourist attractions on the East Java coast which is located in Tampak Awu hamlet, in Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang. This beach is said to have a different view because it is equipped with the silhouettes of three small islands in the Horizon and also presents a very beautiful sunset panorama. This beach has another name Goa Cina Beach because about 20 years ago, in a cave whose walls were inscribed with Chinese characters, there was a corpse that was placed just like that. Well, according to sources, a certain corpse is believed to be the corpse of a monk who was imprisoned until death picked him up.

Apart from the legend of this beach, you can also enjoy the waves from 3 directions, namely east, south, and west from this Rowo Indah beach. because of this, finally this beach does not recommend visitors to swim considering the risks posed are quite large.

8. Noko Bawean Beach Gili Gresik

Noko Bawean Beach Gili Gresik

East Java beach tourism is not known to many people. This beach is located in Sidodengung Batu Village, Sangkapura District, Gresik Regency. Noka Bawean Gili Beach is located around the island of Bawean which has a variety of natural beauty. The view of the clear sea, the beauty of the coral, and the vast expanse of white sand will surely make you feel at home here for a long time.

9. Three-Colored Beach

Three Colors Beach

Well, who doesn’t want to enjoy the beach with this 3 color gradation? This beach is covered with blue to green sea. You can enjoy it by sitting on the rock. In addition, this beach also provides a Mangrove conservation area and you can use it as a shade when the weather is hot. Although the view of this beach is very charming, it does not necessarily make this beach crowded by visitors.

So, that’s 9 beautiful and hidden beaches in East Java. Hopefully it can be useful and be a reference for your trip.

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