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80 Tourist Attractions in East Belitung that You Must Visit

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East Belitung is one of the regencies included in the province of the Bangka Belitung Islands. During the Dutch colonial period, East Belitung was once a tin mining site until the New Order era. In addition to having historical value, East Belitung also seems to have a very enchanting natural beauty. In the past, not many people knew that in East Belitung there was a hidden natural beauty.

However, since the novel Laskar Pelangi written by Andrea Hirata, many people have begun to be curious about the beauty of East Belitung. Especially since the novel was made into a film where the place in the film is located in East Belitung. Since the exposure of the beauty of East Belitung, many tourists visit various tourist attractions in East Belitung. For those of you who want to vacation in East Belitung and don’t know where to go on vacation, here are recommendations for 80 tourist attractions in East Belitung that you can visit while on vacation. Check out the discussion:

1. Galangal Island

Lengkuas Island is one of the small islands located in the tourist attractions of East Belitung. Lengkuas Island is famous for its beauty, the sea water is still clear blue and the white sand is still very clean. In addition to its natural beauty, galangal island has a historical story about colonialism, on this island there is a lighthouse with a height of about 50 to 60 meters which is a relic of the invaders. The lighthouse was built in 1882 by the Dutch colonialists. Tourists can also climb the lighthouse, but prepare extra energy, because this lighthouse has a height of 18 floors and tourists have to climb stairs. The fatigue gained from climbing the stairs to get to the lighthouse tower will pay off when you reach the top of the lighthouse tower, because a very beautiful view of the island of galangal can be seen from the top of the tower. In addition to the lighthouse around the island of galangal, there are the tombs of the Dutch colonialists.

The route to this island is quite difficult because we cannot directly get to the island of galangal. The route that can be passed is through the village of Tanjung Kelayang, after that we pass several starting from the island of pigs, back to the birds and the island of sand then we arrive at the island of galangal. In addition to this route, we can also pass through Tanjung Binga, if tourists will pass the Tanjung Binga route, the islands that will be passed before reaching the galangal island are litiung island and seju island. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and trying to climb the lighthouse, tourists can try to bathe in a pool formed from fused granite rocks and sea water originating from the island of galangal is also integrated in the pool, the pool is called the angel pool. Well for those of you who have a hobby of anglers, it turns out that galangal island is one of the best fishing spots in Belitung. If you want to fish, you can rent a boat to visit the best fishing spots, the fish found on this galangal island include mayong fish, red snapper, etc.

2. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Tanjung Tinggi BeachTanjung Tinggi Beach is located in Belitung district, precisely in Sijuk district. This beach seems to have a very beautiful charm, the white sand is still very clean and the sea water is bluish green with various rocks around the beach making this beach view can not be doubted. No wonder many tourists visit this beach, even many foreign tourists have visited Tanjung Tinggi beach. Tanjung Tinggi Beach is a beach in the form of a small bay with a distance of around 100m, therefore the waves on this Tanjung Tinggi beach are not big. The unique thing on this beach is that there are still many jellyfish, so be careful when playing on the beach.

The stones around the beach are also an attraction because the various stones ranging from small to large make it one of the best photo spots when the sun is about to set. Various activities can be done on this beach ranging from swimming, fishing, snorkeling, you can rent a jetski or inflatable boat to explore this beach. The facilities around the Tanjung Tinggi beach are complete, there are restaurants available. Don’t forget to try Belitung’s specialty food, Gangan, gangan is a vegetable dish with the main spice of turmeric and served with fish head and young pineapple. It’s perfect when you’re done playing on the beach and feeling hungry then try this ganga food. Vehicle access to reach this beach is recommended to rent a car because it is still very difficult to get public transportation to this beach.

3. Nyiur Beach Waving

Nyiur Waving BeachNyiur Melambai Beach is located in East Belitung, precisely in the village of Lalang, Manggar District, or precisely about 1.5 KM from the city center of East Belitung tourist attractions. Nyiur Melambai Beach is often also called Lalang Beach, this is because the beach is located in the village of Lalang. When you visit this beach, when you enter the beach area, there is a fairly large Nyiur Melambai written on it.

The beauty of this beach is no less beautiful than the beaches of Tanjung Tinggi and Galangal Island, as well as the two beaches, Palm Beach has white sand and is surrounded by trees that wave when the wind blows. Unlike the case with Tanjung Tinggi beach, the waving palm beach does not have many rocks around the beach. The swaying palm trees are gentle enough so that the waves are quite small so it is very safe to do various water activities on this beach.

The facilities around the beach are quite complete, there are benches equipped with large umbrellas so you don’t have to be afraid to overheat. In addition to water activities, visitors can also do futsal or beach volleyball. The uniqueness of this waving palm beach is that festivals about local arts are often held. The best time to visit this beach is in the morning when the sun starts to rise, the beauty of the sunrise in this place is very enchanting. If you have played to your heart’s content and feel hungry, around this beach there are many places to eat and there are also stalls to just buy snacks.

4. Punai Beach

Punai BeachPunai Beach is located in Dendang District, Tanjung Kelumpang Village, Belitung. The word punai is a name that comes from the name of the bird, namely the punai bird, this is because there are many punai birds that live in the trees around the punai beach. Belitung is very famous for the beaches in Bangka Belitung which are very clean, almost all beaches have white sand and bluish green water that is still very clear as well as on Punai beach.

In addition, there are palm trees and sea pine around the coast of Punai and small to large granite stones. We can see local fishermen sailing and we can buy fish directly from the fishermen, many types of fresh fish are also obtained by fishermen. If visitors want to spend the night at this beach, there is no need to worry because there are already several cottages that have complete facilities such as television, air conditioning or fans, dispensers, and if you want to cook fresh fish sold by fishermen in the cottages, there are also cooking facilities such as stoves, plates and glasses.

5. Word Museum

Word MuseumThe Kata Museum is a museum founded in 2010 by Andrea Hirata, a writer for Laskar Pelangi. Laskar Pelangi is a novel that has an inspirational story that was made into a film. Laskar Pelangi film was very successful at the time of its release, causing many people to want to know more about Belitung. The Kata Museum is located on Jl. Raya Laskar Pelangi No.7, East Belitung. In this museum you can find various types of art ranging from music, various novels by Andrea Hirata, etc.

This museum has many unique features, namely in this museum there is a place to write and send postcards, besides that there is a coffee shop in the middle of this museum, and this place is also used as a place to teach children to learn English. A very interesting architectural building with an interior that is designed as attractively as possible makes this place one of the attractions for visitors who visit East Belitung. The building in front of the word museum is an old house building that is about 200 years old and has historical value. Access to the vehicle to get to the word museum can use travel or rent a private vehicle. The kata museum is only about 1 hour from Hanandjoeddin Airport. If you want to have a long vacation in East Belitung, there are several inns around the kata museum.

In addition to these five tourist attractions, there are many other tourist attractions in East Belitung which of course have the same natural beauty as the five tourist attractions. Here are other tourist attractions in East Belitung:

  1. Serdang Beach
  2. Sengaran Beach
  3. Rainbow Warriors Gallery
  4. Laskar Pelangi Elementary School replica
  5. Open Pit
  6. Bathing Bird Beach
  7. Olivier Beach
  8. Buyong Stone
  9. Kampoeng Ahok
  10. Vihara Dewi Kwan Im
  11. Rock Hill Beach
  12. Tambak Beach
  13. nyak beach
  14. Tanjung Kelayang Beach
  15. Berahu Hill
  16. Ahok Gallery
  17. Silver Island
  18. Mudong Beach
  19. Pice Dam
  20. Warkop Manggar
  21. Kaolin Lake
  22. Sand Island
  23. Lutong Island
  24. Gurok Beraye Waterfall
  25. Sailing Stone Island
  26. Cape Binga
  27. Kawai Kawai Waterfall
  28. Kepayang Island
  29. lap hill
  30. Leaf Village
  31. Tirta Marundang
  32. Belitung Sail
  33. Pengabong Beach
  34. Turtle Rock
  35. Selindang Beach
  36. Bandoeng River
  37. Pekandis Island
  38. Coastal Beach
  39. Betara Stone
  40. Marsilla Falls
  41. Tourist Attractions Ngenjungjak
  42. Dendang People’s Harbor
  43. Simpang Tiga Waterfall
  44. Jackfruit Island
  45. Fuk Tet Che Temple
  46. Buding Hot Water
  47. Holy Dharma Monastery
  48. Dutch Fugitives
  49. Merantik Lake
  50. Bulog Guava Lake
  51. Belida Rock Beach
  52. China’s Gusong Beach
  53. Lalang Stone Beach
  54. Pangkalan Limau Beach
  55. Tomb of Sheikh Abdul Jabar Samsudin
  56. Istiqomah Building Museum
  57. Pandan Island
  58. Sacred Beach
  59. Struggle Stone Monument
  60. Lalang Permai Beach
  61. Saltwater Islands
  62. Sun Li San Temple
  63. Damar Temple
  64. Sun Go Kong Temple
  65. Conch House
  66. Tanjung Pendam Beach
  67. Peramun Hill
  68. Kirana Pier
  69. Commerce Gurok Beraye
  70. Tanjungpandan Museum & Zoo
  71. Satam Stone Circle
  72. Labunaji Mangrove
  73. Beautiful Holy Swimming Pool
  74. Regional Museum
  75. Kuala Mangrove

That’s the discussion about 80 tourist attractions in East Belitung. Hopefully this article can provide a reference when going on vacation to East Belitung. Prepare various needs that are considered important for a vacation and most importantly prioritize health.

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