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8 Thai F4 Series Soundtrack: Boys Over Flowers

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Subscribe to trending topic every show, F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers has now entered the final episodes with an increasingly tense plot. What’s more, add soundtrack which is made specifically to support the storyline, making the audience more immersed in the lives of teenagers belonging to Thyme (Bright Vachirawit), Gorya (Tu Tontawan), Ren (Dew Jirawat), Kavin (Win Metawin), MJ (Nani Hirunkit), and Kaning (Prim Chanikan).

F4 Thailand self released eight original soundtrackits easy listening in channel YouTube GMMTV Records. The majority are sung by the players, let’s look at the following list!

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1. Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew Jirawat, Nani Hirunkit – Who Am I

Who am I is the opening song F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers sung by the four members of F4 namely Bright, Win, Dew, and Nani. Produced by Amp Achariya, this song is about a person’s life that is not as perfect as it appears on the outside. Similar to how the main character, Thyme feels.

In the video clip which was uploaded two days before its premiere, the female lead, Tu Tontawan, also appeared as a model. Until now MV Who Am I become MV soundtrack F4 Thailand the most watched, which is as much as 10.7 million times. Of course easy listening what a song!

2. Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew Jirawat, Nani Hirunkit – Shooting Star

Supposing his partner as a shooting star, Shooting Star Becomes soundtrack second F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. Still sung by the four members of F4, this song has more rhythm upbeat than Who am I.

Shooting stars are indeed one of the distinctive elements of manga Hana Yori Dango Kamio Yoko’s work which is the source of the story F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers. In this song, finding a partner who chases dreams, is able to light up life, and even becomes a reason for us to keep learning and growing is described as magical as getting a shooting star. So sweet!

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3. Dew Jirawat – In the Wind

sung second male lead F4 Thailand, In the Wind describe feelings for a loved one that cannot be conveyed frankly. Especially if you are a person who is not easy to express feelings, of course you will be more afraid to express them.

In the end, the feeling was like the wind that didn’t blow. It’s always there, but it’s not always there. Dew Jirawat’s gentle voice here also successfully invites listeners to feel the dynamics of having a one-sided feeling. Really sad!

4. Fluke Gawin – You Mean the World

Frequent filling soundtrack for series GMMTV, Fluke Gawin contributed voice to the song You Mean the World. This song describes the dynamics of Thyme’s efforts to win Gorya’s heart. However, even if you don’t have a love story like Thyme-Gorya, you can still listen to this song.

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Outline, You Mean the World tells the story of someone who has found a very important figure in life, so he doesn’t want to make him cry and wants to be a better person than before. Moreover, Fluke’s melodious voice is guaranteed to make you instantly fall in love with this song.

5. Violette Wautier – One Last Cry

One Last Cry is the only one soundtrack F4 Thailand performed by a female singer with lyrics that represent Gorya’s heart. Song ballad This is brought by famous singers and actresses who have also often filled in soundtrackViolette Wautier.

The song, which was also produced by Amp Achariya, describes Gorya’s feelings when he feels sad and wants to be able to express it, even though he is usually seen as a strong figure. Every time you listen to this song, you are guaranteed to be reminded of one of the iconic scenes in F4 Thailand and can share Gorya’s sorrow.

6. Bright Vachirawit – Nighttime

Having had to part with someone we love, of course, sometimes makes us wonder how he is or if he misses us too. It was this feeling that Bright was trying to convey through Nighttime.

Back produced by Amp Achariya, this song perfectly describes the anxiety that Thyme felt when he had to part with Gorya. Do you remember what scene this song was playing in?

7. Nani Hirunkit – Best Life

Suitable to describe MJ’s life as the son of the owner of one of the biggest entertainment venues in Thailand, Best Life invites listeners to live the present and live the best life.

Different from seven soundtrack other dominated ballad and upbeatin this song we are presented with the ability rap Nani Hirunkit. Swag finish!

8. Win Metawin – Silhouette

Finally, there is a single from Win Metawin entitled Silhouette. This song describes the feelings of someone who feels that he is not worthy to feel love and is afraid of hurting others.

Silhouette gives another picture of the character Kavin played by Win. What we can see, it’s not necessarily in accordance with the reality, yes.

of eight soundtrack This Thai F4, which is your favourite? Besides being able to watch the video clip on the GMMTV Records YouTube channel, you can also listen to it on all platforms stream digital music you know!

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