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8 Super Viral Dances from Female K-Pop Idols, There’s Lisa BLACKPINK, aespa, Kep1er to IVE | Celebrity

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8 super viral dances from female K-Pop idols, there is Lisa BLACKPINK, aespa, Kep1er to IVE.

Celebrity – From 2021 to early 2022, female K-Pop idols continued to release new dance choreography that went viral on social media, such as BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Kep1er, IVE to aespa.

Female idols are often the trendsetters in K-Pop, most of the time through their music and dance.

A good song will have higher coverage if the dance choreography is also seen eye-catchingeasy to memorize and easy to follow.

Of course it will lift the spirits for K-Pop fans.

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At the time, Gee, SNSD’s hit created a stir with her iconic “crab dance”.

Another example is TWICE’s choreo for TT, Cheer Up, or the legendary shoulder dance in ITZY’s opening song WANNABE.

And there are many other examples of viral dances in the history of K-Pop girl groups, every year for the last 4 generations, including 2021 and 2022.

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From the beginning of last year until now, K-Pop has witnessed the tremendous success of female idols such as aespa, IVE, STAYC, Brave Girls, Kep1er and others.

Their songs have not only become commercial hits but also attract the public’s attention thanks to their impressive dance choreography.

Here are eight Korean girl group dance choreography that went viral and were liked by fans.

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After a successful debut, STAYC made a comeback with the hit song ASAP full of refreshing energy.

At the time of its release, ASAP’s addictive chorus and super viral kkuk kkuki dance took over social media.

This has also helped the group become one of the most prominent newcomers of 2021.

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TWICE – The Feels

The Feels is the first English single in TWICE’s career. From the MV to the melody, The Feels has received a lot of praise from K-Pop fans.

In particular, the hip dance in the chorus is considered the murderous part of the whole choreography, making ONCEs unable to stop themselves from dancing.

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Jeon Somi – Dumb Dumb

Among female K-Pop soloists, Somi has one of the most viral choreographies of 2021, thanks to Dumb Dumb.

The “upside down OK” hand gesture combined with the sexy and powerful hip dance moves helped Somi manage to leave a strong impression.

Not only fans, many other K-Pop idols also did the Dumb Dumb dance challenge.

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The first solo song, LALISA, from BLACKPINK’s maknae initially surprised netizens because the choreography looked too simple for a top dancer like Lisa.

However, because it’s easy, more people can dance and help LALISA go viral.

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Brave Girls – Rollin’

STAYC, Somi, TWICE all had a successful year but the Brave Girls are the true “final boss” in the female idol choreography race.

After Rollin’ rose to the top of the charts, choreography with very unique hand movements simulating the “light” performed by the group was also shown everywhere.

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Kep1er – WA DA DA

Kep1er only debuted in early 2022 but quickly became a familiar idol group to many K-Pop fans.

The group’s debut song, WA DA DA, left its mark with lots of cute hand gestures and a youthful, fresh energy.

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IVE’s song, ELEVEN, has stayed on many digital music charts for 2 months since its debut.

The choreography performed by IVE was covered with enthusiasm by fans.

In particular, the first part of the song where the six girls form a pyramid and the gesture of touching their eyes in the chorus is considered very impressive by K-Pop fans.

aespa – Next Level

Considered by many to be SM Entertainment’s biggest breakthrough hit in recent years, aespa is really causing a storm on social media with Next Level in 2021.

Many well-known artists have tried to imitate aespa’s hand gestures in the chorus, contributing to the song’s uplifting and strong impact on the public.*

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