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8 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Nepal

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Nepal is a region of 26 million people where it is known that Nepal’s area is only 0.1% of the earth. But in the world, this country has the richest biodiversity. Located in the Himalayas, this one country was formed in 1768, precisely on December 21, through the Union of Nepal. Nepal, which has five seasons, seems to be visited by many foreign tourists. If you are interested in vacationing in this country, check out some of the following tourist attractions in Nepal.

Tilicho Lake

Nature tourism in Nepal is very enjoyable and this is proven by the existence of Lake Tilicho which is included in the highest lake in the world. With a height of almost 5,000 meters, the lake, which is located in the Manang District around the Annapurna Himalayas, is a tourist attraction that is suitable to visit when climbing the summit of Everest.

Even this lake is known to be a site that is of interest to activity lovers scuba diving so this lake is visited by many tourists who like scuba diving.

Phewa Lake

Phewa LakeIf you have the opportunity to visit the city of Pokhara, there is an amazing view that should not be missed, namely Lake Phewa which is perfect for a vacation and seeking tranquility. This place is also a favorite spot for domestic and foreign tourists to visit hang out. To get the best view, please come to this lake in the afternoon or early morning. On this 5 square kilometer mountain, you can see the shadows of Mount Machapuchre, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna if the weather is clear.

The most popular attraction in this lake area is Baidam which is known as the lakeside and in this area there are many souvenir shops, bookstores, inns to restaurants which are certainly fun when visited by tourists who want to shop or culinary tour. Tal Barahi Temple is a building in the middle of the lake and is the most important religious monument in Pokhara. The pagoda which has two levels is dedicated to one of the Hindu gods we know named Vishnu.


BoudhanathVisiting Nepal, don’t forget to come to Boudhanath which is located in Kathmandu. The largest stupa in Nepal and in Asia seems to have been included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. If from Kathmandu, visitors can head to the south side as far as 7 kilometers and the stupa which is considered the center of Tibetan Buddhism can be found. When you set foot into the stupa area, there is a spiritual nuance that visitors can feel because there will be many monks from Tibet walking around while reciting mantras or performing tawaf. In the same complex, tourists can relax in a restaurant in style rooftop to taste the masala tea.


PashupatinathA walk in Nepal is not complete without visiting this temple which has a pagoda with two roofs. There is a narrow path found in the interior of the pagoda where it leads visitors to a holy place where you can see Shivalinga up close. Not only that, on the side of the pagoda there is a symbol that adorns and is known to be made of gold ink.

You can also see artistic decorations on every door of the temple, especially on both sides where there are images of a number of gods, such as Ashtha Bhairava and Apsaras and others. The painting is made with gold ink so that when you see it there is a magnificent and luxurious impression that is presented by this temple. The function of this temple is also known as a place to burn Hindu religious corpses and is still often used today. Of all the Shiva temples in Nepal, this temple is the most sacred.

Garden of Dreams

Garden of DreamsTourists may know about the Kaiser Mahal palace, and the Garden of Dreams was part of the palace which was built in 1895. The garden was not as beautiful as it is now; but thanks to the role of the descendants of Kaiser, this park has become more attractive. The reason why tourists need to come to this place is the existence of an ensemble pavilion which is beautified by the presence of a fountain in the middle.

An exciting and relaxing vacation can be had by visiting this place in the afternoon. Take your time to relax, read your favorite book and enjoy the sights of the doves in the area. Still in the Garden of Dreams complex, there are a number of European-built restaurants that will satisfy your culinary cravings.

  • Foreign visitors are charged an entrance fee of Rs 200 or around Rp 39 thousand.
  • Visitors who are also Nepalese are charged an entrance fee of Rs 100 or around Rp. 20 thousand.


SwayambhunathFrom downtown Kathmandu, there is an ancient architectural building called Swayambhunath. In order to reach this place, tourists can walk along the temple on the east side, but be prepared to forge physically because there are 365 steep stairs that must be climbed first. Or, actually you can also take a taxi and choose to walk to the top from the west of the temple.

If you look closely, when you go along the stairs you will find many stones that have Tibetan mantras written on them. In this place, especially in each area of ​​the stupa, there are a bunch of wild monkeys walking or jumping here and there which will also catch your attention automatically. The most special thing in Swayambhunath is the view of Kathmandu city which can be seen from the stupa.

Durbar Square

Durbar SquareKnown as an area or plaza, this place is a tourist attraction that should not be missed because it is considered an icon of the city of Kathmandu. In this Durbar Square, there are many fountains, statues of gods and goddesses, and temples that can be visited if you are still not satisfied with a temple tour.

The uniqueness of this location is that there are so many majestic and cool buildings that seem to show the heyday of the Kathmandu kingdom in the past, so many tourists come to visit this place to see the uniqueness that is in the durbar square.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National ParkAs one of the World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO in 1984, this national park was the first to be built in Nepal and its establishment was in 1973. Standing on a land area of ​​932 square kilometers, this tourist spot can be reached in just 4-hours. 6 hours by bus from the city of Pokhara or Kathmandu is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Nepal. Various activities and attractions can be enjoyed in this national park, such as trekking, jeep tour to the forest, ride elephants, canoes and boats, and many others.

  • Visitors are charged 1,500 rps or around IDR 294 thousand for the entrance fee.
  • This price does not include all attractions and tours offered in this national park area.
  • Chitwan National Park always receives visitors because the service is open all year round.

If you plan to vacation in Nepal, these are the best tourist attractions in Nepal. From nature tours to building tours, Nepal has everything that can give you pleasure.

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