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8 K-Pop Girl Group Dance Choreography That Will Go Viral in 2021 | inikpop

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Throughout 2021, there were a series of K-pop girl group dance choreography that managed to go viral. Both fans and social media users are busy imitating or uploading covers of these dance moves.

Social media is an important channel to promote new releases. Including the release of songs from K-pop girl groups. Interestingly, social media does not only play a role in promoting these releases. But also viral.

Being viral seems like a guarantee for popularity. So it’s not surprising that the K-pop girl group dance choreography that went viral throughout the year 2021 also helped jump-start their popularity.

The following are 8 K-pop girl group dance choreographies that are viral in 2021.


STAYC’s popularity skyrocketed after “ASAP” became a viral hit in 2021. It wasn’t just the song that went viral, but also the movement of the song’s choreography.

Not only fans and social media users at large, even many idols are also dancing to the “ASAP” dance move. Proving their popularity and virality!

2. TWICE – “The Feels”

Queen of Viral Dance also has viral hits in 2021. The dance move from the song “The Feels” has gone viral and many fans have danced. Not to mention the many dance covers uploaded for “The Feels”.

The dance choreography of “The Feels” is also often imitated by television stars on variety shows. Apart from of course also other idols.

3. Jeon Somi – “DUMB DUMB”

The choreography for the “DUMB DUMB” chorus became one of the most successful ones to go viral in 2021. Especially after the challenge on social media to dance to the dance moves from the title track of Somi’s debut album.

It’s not just the dance moves that have gone viral, the melody and rhythm for this song are also widely used on social media.


The dancer and rapper from the BLACKPINK girl group also managed to make the song viral. In addition to “MONEY,” the title track of Lisa’s debut “LALISA” was also a viral success thanks to its dance choreography.

The energetic and swag-filled dance choreography of “LALISA” is quickly becoming a hit with fans. Especially after many other dancers also uploaded cover videos for the choreography of this song.

5. Brave Girls – “Rollin’”

The song released in 2017 can be said to be a real viral hit in 2021. After “Rollin’” went viral at the beginning of the year, the popularity of Brave Girls also shot up.

Interestingly, it is not only the song “Rollin’” that has become viral among the South Korean public. The dance moves and choreography of this song also went viral among wide audiences. Cool!

6. Kep1er – “WA DA DA”

Having just debuted, Kep1er has immediately gone viral. Their debut song is not only popular with fans who have been waiting for the release of this girl group made by this survival show. But also directly stole the hearts of music listeners at large.

The “WA DA DA” chorus became the part that went viral. Dayeon’s rap verse and dance choreography are widely imitated by fans on social media.


Another rookie girl group that immediately went viral was IVE. “ELEVEN” is not only popular because it is so catchy. The melody and rhythm used for this song also managed to become viral.

In addition, the dance choreography that opened the song “ELEVEN” seems to have gone viral
among TikTok users. The unique dance moves in this section are recognized as the main attraction.

8. aespa – “Next Level”

“Next Level” also became one of the hits that went viral in 2021. This K-pop girl group dance choreography has unique moves coupled with super catchy songs. It’s no wonder that apart from going viral because of his dance moves, “Next Level” also managed to top the charts in South Korea.

Curious about the dance choreography of which girl group will go viral in 2022?

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