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8 Cheap Vacation Tips to Singapore with Family

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Singapore is one tourist destination which is quite popular with tourists, especially those from Indonesia. Vacationing does not have to spend a lot of money, you can even vacation cheaply. Of course you also have to know cheap vacation tips to Singapore that can be quite helpful in minimizing your financial expenses for a vacation with your family.

Vacationing abroad used to be a luxury, because you had to spend a lot of money to go on a trip. Singapore itself is a tourist spot abroad that is most visited by tourists, especially Indonesians. This is because Singapore has a fairly close distance to Indonesia and also has many interesting places that you can visit, as well as a neat and modern city layout. In addition, the architecture of the building is futuristic with many shopping centers that are quite complete, there is MRT transportation, the largest aquarium in the world, and there is also an exciting playground to visit.

If you go on vacation to Singapore and don’t use a travel and tour agent, then you can use cheap tips on vacation to SingaporeHowever, if you want to vacation in Singapore with a minimal budget with your family, then of course you have to follow some of the following tips:

1. Hunt for Promo Tickets

Now there are also lots of promo ticket offers to various tourist destinations, not to mention tickets to Singapore as well. You should be diligent in looking for information about promo tickets, because in general the existing promo tickets will run out faster. If possible, it would be better if you follow the social media accounts of existing airlines so that you don’t miss out on this important information.


Universal Studios Singapore

Merlion Park Singapore

2. Stay at the Hostel

Stay at Hostel

When on vacation, one of the most important things is to decide where you will spend the night, as well as when you are on vacation in Singapore. Then you should be able to find the right place to stay for you and your family. One of the most common places sought by tourists is hostels. Hostels in general will have more affordable prices with services and facilities that do not disappoint of course. Thus, the budget for a place to stay can be minimized and can be used for other needs.

When you really intend to visit interesting places in Singapore, then of course you don’t want to just spend money on your bed and also a place to store things, right? By using hostels you can also meet other tourists from various countries.

3. Avoid Using Taxis

Avoid Using Taxi

In Singapore, there is an adequate and pedestrian-friendly transportation system. If you are on vacation in this country, it will be very unfortunate if you use a taxi to get around. Because the MRT will really help you to do mobility when you will explore around Singapore. The MRT itself is one of the most common means of transportation used by the people of Singapore. Not only is the price quite affordable, the convenience and security on the MRT is one of the main attractions. The reach of this fairly wide MRT transportation can reach almost every area in Singapore. You can buy a card that can be refilled or you can use a one-way ticket when using the MRT.

4. Bring Your Own Drink

Bring Your Own Drink

Although it is a fairly simple thing, but if you want to save on the purchase of drinking water, it would be better if you bring your own drinking container. This is because in Singapore, in public places there are many water taps that you can get for free. So it would be better if you fully fill the drinking container that you bring every time you encounter a water tap. If you choose to buy your own drinking water, of course it will be more expensive and cost a lot of money.

5. Buy Universal Studio Tickets from Indonesia

Buy Universal Studio Tickets from Indonesia

If you and your family want to go to Universal Studios Singapore, it would be better if you buy entry tickets from Indonesia online. This is because the prices offered are quite different. If you are diligent in searching, then you will find many places to buy and sell Universal Studio Singapore tickets or also from travel agents. But of course you also have to be careful because there are many cases of fraud that also often occur.

6. Visiting Tourist Attractions for Free

Visiting Tourist Attractions for Free

If you and your family want to enjoy a vacation in Singapore and without spending a lot of money, then you can go to tourist attractions for free. There are lots of free tourist attractions that you and your family can visit in Singapore. For example, Garden By The Bay, Esplanade, Sentosa Island, Merlion Park, Singapore Botanic Garden, Handerson Waves, Haji Lane, China town, Sultan Mosque, and many more. Although cheap, these places are still interesting to visit.

7. Choosing a Place to Eat

Choosing a Place to Eat

In Singapore, food prices are also quite expensive, although not all places charge expensive food prices. But one way to save is that you and your family can even stay in the hostel where you live. But you should also make sure the hostel you choose also provides an all-you-can-eat breakfast. So you can eat until you are full. And for lunch, you can look for a food court and avoid eating at tourist attractions, because the price of food on the official tag will be 2 or 3 times more expensive than the food in the foodcout. For dinner, you and your family can cook your own food at the hostel which provides a kitchen for cooking.

8. Save Money

Save Shopping

Cheap vacation tips in Singapore next shopping. If you want to shop in Singapore and bring souvenirs, then you can shop at Mustafa Center which is located in Little India. You and your family can buy chocolate there and take it home for souvenirs. Because the prices offered in this place are quite cheap and also very tilted. In addition to chocolate, you can also buy other items that you can buy at a fairly cheap price. For various types of key chains and t-shirts, you can buy them in China town and also Bugis Street. If you want to buy branded goods, then you can buy them at Orchard, which is a mall that offers many items with various discounts. If you are careful in buying then you will get a much cheaper price.

You can try these cheap vacation tips to Singapore when you and your family want to take a vacation without having to spend a lot of money.

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