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7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch Naturally

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Women are known to be more detailed in taking care of their bodies. Not only taking care of facial and body skin, but also treating some closed areas, such as the groin area.

Although this one part is the part that has never been exposed, but caring for the groin is also something that every woman must do. In addition to keeping it clean, the thing that is very important is the color of the crotch.

Many women have problems with dark groin. Some of the factors that cause it can be due to lack of hygiene, dehydrated skin, hormones, frequent taking of drugs, and others.

However, there is no need to worry, because you can also do various ways to whiten black groin naturally which are easy for you to do at home. Hmm, what are the ingredients? Read on until the end, Bella!

1. Baking soda

7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch with Natural

As a powerful natural ingredient in the exfoliation process, baking soda you can use as scrub to brighten the groin area. mix baking soda with warm water, stir until thick, then blend in the groin area and rub gently. For those of you who have sensitive skin, you can mix it up baking soda with a little almond oil as a protector.

2. Aloe vera

7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch with Natural

Aloe vera is known to moisturize the skin, but it can also be used to lighten dark groin. Take the gel from the aloe vera plant, then apply it to the groin as a mask, leave it for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Because aloe vera is one of the natural ingredients that is quite safe, you can use it every day.

3. Potato

7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch with Natural

It turns out that you can also choose to rub potatoes as a way to whiten your groin with natural ingredients. Because potatoes have enzymes that can work to lighten dark skin. For that, cut the potato thinly, then rub it on the groin gently and then rinse with warm water until clean.

4. Lemons

7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch with Natural

Everyone knows that lemon is one of the natural ingredients that can lighten dark areas of the skin. Lemons can of course also lighten the groin because of the acidic nature and vitamin C contained in lemons. To use it, wipe the lemon juice using a thin cotton swab as a toner experience. However, use only as needed and not too often, because lemon can dry out the skin.

5. Oatmeal

7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch with Natural

One way to whiten the groin with natural ingredients is to use oatmeal. Texture oatmeal rough can be used as scrub natural for the exfoliation process. To get a thicker texture, you can mix oatmeal with crushed tomatoes. Blend it on the groin, wait for 15 minutes and after it dries, rub gently until the texture of the groin becomes smoother and brighter in a few weeks.

6. Coconut oil

7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch with Natural

Besides being known for its natural antioxidant content, coconut oil or Coconut oil can also work to revitalize the skin thereby reducing hyperpigmentation on the skin. To use it, you can mix coconut oil with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, or simply use coconut oil without any mixture. Blend by massaging the groin for 15 minutes. Do it 2 times a week for maximum results.

7. Turmeric

7 Ways to Whiten Black Crotch with Natural

Melanin production can also be the cause of darkening of the groin area. Turmeric is also believed to prevent the production of melanin, so it can be the best way to whiten the groin.

Just use 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder, mix a little water until thick, then blend it on the groin while rubbing gently for 20 minutes and after that rinse using warm water until clean.

Well, that’s 7 ways to whiten black groin naturally that are easy for you to try at home. Choose natural ingredients that you like or you feel are sufficient to find. Perform treatment with these ingredients regularly to get maximum results. Good luck, Bella!

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