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7 ways to give birth normally without pain

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Normal delivery without pain is not impossible. So that the birth process can be passed smoothly and without excruciating pain, there are various choices of methods and drugs that can be used.

Pain can be a sign of imminent labor. To help pregnant women give birth normally without pain, there are various drugs and methods that can be done. You can discuss these ways with your doctor to get the best treatment for dealing with pain during labor.

Choice of Drugs and Methods so that Normal Childbirth Doesn’t Pain

The use of drugs to launch labor may be done as long as it is under the supervision of an obstetrician. Here are some types of drugs and birthing methods that can be applied to facilitate labor:

1. Local anesthetic

Local anesthetics are often used by doctors to relieve pain in the vagina or the area around it. This drug is usually given to reduce pain if an incision in the area around the vagina or an episiotomy is needed. However, this method cannot reduce pain during labor.

2. Epidural anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia can also be used to give birth without pain. This anesthetic is given by injection in the back area, through a special tube called an epidural catheter.

This tube is inserted into the spinal cord cavity. The epidural anesthetic begins to work within 10–20 minutes after it is injected.

3. Combined spinal-epidural anesthesia (combined spinal-epidural / CSE)

CSE anesthesia has the same steps as epidural anesthesia. However, CSE anesthesia can work faster and requires fewer doses than an epidural.

The drug is given by injection into the spinal cavity. CSE anesthetics work immediately after injection and will last longer.

4. Entonox gas

Entonox is a combination of nitric oxide gas and oxygen that can help reduce pain during labor. This gas can be inhaled with a slow, deep breath from a self-holding mask. Unfortunately, this painless normal delivery method has not been widely used in Indonesia.

5. Pethidine injection

Pethidine injections are given in the buttocks or thigh muscles. Once injected, it takes about 20 minutes for the drug to work with a lasting effect of 2–4 hours. However, pethidine injections are not recommended if labor is approaching the second stage.

6. Childbirth in water

Some hospitals provide delivery facilities in small pools or tubs filled with warm water not higher than 37.5°C. The birth method called water birth This is believed to reduce pain associated with uterine contractions and make pregnant women feel more comfortable.

7. Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a technique to keep pregnant women calm and comfortable during labor. Through the hypnosis method, pregnant women can better regulate stress and pain responses so that the uterine muscles can work effectively. This method can also help speed up labor.

Learning about the birthing process can make you better prepared. That way, the chances of being able to give birth naturally without pain are higher. You can discuss how to have a normal, painless delivery further with your doctor during routine pregnancy check-ups.

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