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7 Unique Facts about Iron Man Movies 1 to 3, Turns out to be a Lot of Improvisation!

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PeekCeleb – The Iron Man movie is one of the most memorable Marvel characters. Almost everyone knows this one robot.

A little remember the synopsis of the film Iron Man. Iron Man is an armed robot created by Tony Stark. Where the actor Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr. who is now very, very attached to his role.

In Iron Man, it is told that Tony Stark is a rich man and playboy, owns a large company called Stark International, as well as an international weapons manufacturer. Tony Stark is indeed a genius inventor, so it is not surprising that his career is so fast.

Until one day he went on a business trip to Afghanistan to introduce his design lethal weapon called ‘Jericho’. However, the trip was intervened by a group of terrorists which resulted in Tony Stark’s body being badly injured. He was kidnapped by the group.

At the place where he was kidnapped, he was saved by Dr. Yinsen by implanting an electromagnetic object in his chest so that the shrapnel would not penetrate his heart and kill him. The terrorist makes an offer that he will release him if Tony Stark is willing to make ‘Jericho’ missiles for them.

Tony Stark agrees. However, instead of making missiles, they manipulated the terrorist group by making a prototype of the armor that Stark would wear to get out of this camp.

He managed to get out and destroy the terrorist camp, but he only made it to the desert and he was saved by Rhodes. Arriving at his residence, he decided not to produce weapons anymore. He began to focus on making a new version of the armor prototype that he made in Afghanistan.

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