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7 Types of Money Personality, Which Are You?

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Managing financial problems in life is not an easy matter. There are people who have made a spell to save money, but as soon as they see discounted items, they are immediately available check out. There are also those who before buying an item can think about it for weeks and end up buying nothing. There are also those who are diligent very save until you are not willing to spend the money on shopping.

Reported from CNBCaccording to Ken Honda, author at Happy MoneyThere are 7 types of human personality when it comes to money. Knowing your personality type will help you develop a strategy to manage your financial problems well. Here are 7 personality types when it comes to money, which one do you think you are?

1. The saver

illustration of someone saving money ( Pickens)

The saver is a person who always saves money without stopping. They view money as a source of certainty in their lives. This type of people like to be frugal and in the end graze stingy.

They are actually afraid of losing all the money they have, even willing to sacrifice what makes them happy as long as they don’t have to spend money. Again, life is about balance, a balance between frugality and shopping for the things you love. Enjoy your life with the money you have, but still in moderation.

2. The spendthrift

7 Types of Money Personality, Which Are You? illustration of someone shopping online (

This personality type often very buy things you don’t really need. They also usually like to treat their friends for no particular reason. When they are under stress, their solution so that they are no longer stressed is to shop.

For those of you with this personality type, try compiling your monthly financial plan. By clearly seeing the existing expenses and income, at least you can have more consideration before buying something. You know what you can’t get if you decide to buy something.

3. The money seeker

7 Types of Money Personality, Which Are You? illustration of working man ( Gouw)

This money seeker is really workaholic, considers the key to happiness comes from money. Therefore, they try to work hard, from morning till night to earn money. Over time, they choose to work instead of resting or spending time with those closest to them.

If you are this personality type, you must be aware that there are many other things that are far more important and valuable than money. Family, friends, your hobbies, those precious moments will not be repeated in the future. Don’t let you become a rich person but you don’t have anyone to spend your money with.

4. The one who doesn’t care about money

7 Types of Money Personality, Which Are You? illustration of man holding money (

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Is there the type of person who doesn’t care about money? It doesn’t matter if you have money or not, you feel money shouldn’t affect decisions in your life. It’s a good mindset, but don’t overdo it. Do not let you even raise your hands with your financial problems.

Like it or not, you also have to learn to be responsible for managing your finances. Do not continue to depend on your partner or parents. Thus, you yourself will not be stressed about financial problems in the future.

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5. The saver and wasteful

7 Types of Money Personality, Which Are You? illustration of a woman shopping ( Chernaya)

People with this personality type usually start by saving a lot of money, then suddenly spend all of that savings, usually on impulse buying. Their savings are used for things that are less useful.

For that, before buying something, it helps you really think carefully first. Do you really need that stuff? How would you feel if you had that item? You still want that item in two weeks or not? Make sure you really want to buy it before spending your money there.

6. The risk taker

7 Types of Money Personality, Which Are You? illustration of a man recording his finances ( Grabowska)

This type of person is between the wasteful and the type who likes to make money. To put it roughly, they like to gamble their money. They gamble this so that life is not too boring. As a result, they can lose large sums of money.

For that, you with this personality type must start to be firm in managing your finances. Start setting aside your money for big things in the future. Don’t spend your money overnight.

7. The panic man

7 Types of Money Personality, Which Are You? depressed male illustration ( Neel)

This panicky man is always worried that his money will run out. They don’t trust themselves to manage their finances. They always think of the worst-case scenario which sometimes leads to negative thinking.

Indeed, worrying about the future is good so you can have time to prepare, but don’t let this worry affect your happiness. Try to find out where the source of your panic is and try to talk to other people about the problem. Who knows they have a solution that you didn’t think about before.

Those are the 7 personality types when it comes to money. Whichever personality you have, manage your finances well. Make sure that every decision you make, whether it involves large or small amounts of money, you have thought carefully about the consequences. Don’t cry over rice that has turned into porridge.

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