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7 Tourist Attractions in Aberdeen Scotland

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Aberdeen is a city in Scotland, which is still part of the United Kingdom (UK). Previously this city was considered a gloomy city considering the houses there were dominated by gray granite. So that it is rarely included in the tourist list of foreign tourists when visiting Scotland. Even though this city has won an award as a destination like the fifth hidden gem in the world obtained from a travel magazine Lonely Planet.

But actually this city does have interesting places that can be visited as tourist attractions for tourists when they come to Scotland, United Kingdom (UK). Here are various interesting places that can be used as tourist attractions in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, including:

1. Aberdeen Art Gallery

Aberdeen Art Gallery is an interesting first place to visit in the city of Aberdeen. This place is the largest public gallery in the north of Scotland, exactly five minutes by foot from the heart of Aberdeen. Moreover, to be able to enjoy the collections in this gallery, there is no entry fee or free. This gallery presents art collections from the 15th to the 20th centuries, such as paintings, sculptures, and various other architectural works.

In addition, the building that uses an impressive architectural style is no less interesting than the works or collections shown in it. Significant collections of applied arts, such as ceramics, costumes, furniture, glass, jewelry, metals and textiles are also prominent collections in this gallery. In addition, this gallery also displays various kinds of art created by local artists from the city of Aberdeen itself.

2. Aberdeen Castle

Aberdeen CastleAberdeen Castle is the second interesting place to visit in the city of Aberdeen. Which, Aberdeen Castle is a late Middle Ages fortification in Aberdeen, Scotland. The location of this place is on Castle Hill, now known as Castkegate, which is a small area of ​​Aberdeen, Scotland, in the center of the main eastern part of Union Street.

This place presents a variety of historical views of the city of Aberdeen itself. Which, Castlegate was actually a palace gate in 1308. With the top end standing The Salvation Army Citadelan affective castellated house that is the site of the medieval city of Aberdeen.

3. Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Aberdeen Maritime MuseumThe Aberdeen Maritime Museum is the third interesting place to visit in the city of Aberdeen. This museum is a marine tourism that presents the maritime history (heritage) of the city of Aberdeen. This mesuem stands on Shiprow facing the north side of Aberdeen Harbour. It tells the story of the city’s long connection with the sea by providing a spectacular vantage point over the busy harbour. Here you will be introduced to the story of the North Sea through fantastic exhibits with interactive displays and multimedia presentations. This museum is also recognized as one of the best museums in Scotland.

In addition, this museum also has a collection of maritime paintings with touch-screen consoles, visual databases, and educational rooms which add a new dimension to the tourists who visit. Moreover, in this museum there is also a souvenir shop that sells various kinds of souvenirs, such as gifts, crafts, books, and so on. One more thing that makes it interesting is that you see the stories of fishing and whaling as well as the steamers and ferries that have routes to Shetland and Orkney.

4. Books and Beans

Books and BeansBooks and Beans is an interesting fourth place to visit in the city of Aberdeen. This place is a shop that sells quality used books and also a cafe that provides a variety of food and drinks to enjoy. This place was founded in 2003, which is located on Belmont Street, precisely on the main highway Union Street, Aberdeen, Scotland.

So, besides being able to read and buy quality used books, you can also relax while enjoying a variety of special foods provided by the cafe, such as soups, sandwiches, coffee, tea, and others. The place is made comfortable and relaxed so you can choose between the 1st floor which is a place for lunch or the 2nd floor which provides at least 15,000 books that you can browse while enjoying soup or sandwiches. Books that are sold can also be purchased in person or online through several computers and customer service which has been provided. The second hand books provided are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds because they are selected based on the quality of the book and the popularity of the author who is loved by many people.

5. Marischal College of “Granite City”

Marischal College of “Granite City”Marischal College is an interesting first place to visit in the city of Aberdeen. This place is a large granite building located on Broad Street, the center of Aberdeen in north-eastern Scotland. Although since 2011 it has been the headquarters of the city council of Aberdeen, this place is still the site of the University of Aberdeen with some places still being used as the home of museums and other ceremonial events.

This place has become an icon of Granite City which is a symbol of the pinnacle of the granite industry in Aberdeen. In addition, the night view which is quite interesting is also an interesting reason to be visited by tourists.

6. The Brig o’Balgownie

The Brig o'BalgownieThe Brig o’Balgownie is the sixth interesting place to visit in the city of Aberdeen. This place is the oldest bridge in Scotland which is located on the river Don, in Old Aberdeen, the city of Aberdeen. Construction of this bridge was started in the late 13th century by Richard Cementarius. This bridge was damaged in the 16th century due to war, even though its construction has not been completed. However it was extensively renovated in 1605.

The bridge is built of granite and sandstone in a gothic style and a single arch spans more than 12 meters. This bridge has become popular as a tourist spot because of its stunning views across the Don river, especially by young people such as local students, residents, and tourists.

7. The Garage Campus Aberdeen

The Garage Campus AberdeenThe Garage Campus Aberdeen is the seventh interesting place to visit in the city of Aberdeen. The location is on Campus Aberdeen which is known as a night tour or clubbing place. This is very suitable for you, especially young people who have a hobby of clubbing like in the capital city of Jakarta.

Various atmospheres typical of the clubbing world also have their own characteristics here, including the DJs who have an important role in setting the music atmosphere which will make the atmosphere more beautiful and comfortable in the clubbing place.

Scotland Travel

Those are the seven tourist attractions that you can visit when you visit the city of Aberdeen in Scotland. But actually there are also many other tourist areas that are no less interesting in Scotland itself, including:

1. Calton Hill and The Scottish National Monument

Calton Hill and The Scottish National MonumentThis place is a hill in the middle of Edinburgh, Scotland, just off the east end of Princes Street and is a World Heritage Site. The beautiful scenery makes this place a suitable tourist spot for taking pictures and painting by artists and art students. In addition, this place also provides a national monument (The Scottish National Monument) which was deliberately built to commemorate the Scottish soldiers who died in the Napoleonic Wars as well as the Nelson Monument with its unique shape like an inverted telescope.

2. Charlotte Square

Charlotte SquareThis place is a city square in Edinburgh, Scotland, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This square is precisely at the west end of George Street. Charlotte square is an open space with a garden perfect for relaxing on sunny days.

In addition, this place is also equipped with various historical buildings and ornaments, cafes, and bookstores so that many tourists want to visit this place to feel the beauty of this building and the completeness in this building.

3. Stuart Castle

stuart castleThis place is a historic and unique site on the West Coast of Scotland. The castle sits right on top of a cliff at the end of a peninsula jutting out into the Sound of Mull at the junction of Loch Linne and the Firth of Lome. This place is dedicated to the Maclaen clan located in the highlands during the 14th century.

Even this place is also equipped with a basement which is also a small museum with a set of displays of Spanish wax figures as prisoners of the castle. It tells the story when one of the fleet of ships from Spain sank on the coast of England.

4. The Satrosphere Science Center

The Satrosphere Science CenterThis place is one of the first science centers established in Scotland. With inspiration from scientists who have studied science for more than 21 years. The facilities used are interactive facilities and exhibitions to show knowledge to visitors by being directly involved.

So it is very suitable to add insight or as a place for study tours for students, students and scientists who are looking for new inspiration.

5. St. Beach Cyrus

St. Beach  CyrusThe last place is St. Beach. Cyrus. This tourist spot is part of St. Cyrus National Nature Reserve. In addition to the beautiful beach views, if you walk south from the cliff to the mouth of the North Esk River, you will see the extraordinary rock formations beneath the village of St. Cyrus. Especially if you visit at the end of July, then you will be presented with a view of the beauty of the growth of the bell flower which is a rare flower in Scotland. In addition, St. Cyrus National Nature Reserve also offers beautiful views of birds, insects, and wildflowers, in addition to a relaxing sauna on the white sandy beach.

Thus the tourist attractions in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland and also other places in Scotland, which you can visit when you come to Scotland. Interested in trying to visit?

Please come to Scotland!

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