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7 Tips for Traveling by Bus to make it more comfortable and enjoyable

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The Tips for Traveling By Bus, which we will review below, make traveling by bus more memorable. Traveling is sometimes done by bus, whether it’s a domestic tour or a trip abroad, it’s really fun. Not only can you see many places but also the sensation. Here are the most exciting bus travel tips

1. Choose the type of bus that suits your taste

Once the tour schedule has been determined, when looking for a bus ticket, choose a bus with facilities that have the appropriate service and interior, so that the tour can take place comfortably and of course also adjust to the size of the available budget. The bus option can be an air-conditioned bus or a regular one without air conditioning. Tastes and the size of the budget can of course vary, there are those who like to ride air-conditioned buses, so they don’t get too hot, but there are also those who often feel cold when they are in an air-conditioned room and prefer to take a non-AC bus and if it’s hot enough overcome by opening the bus window. Likewise with the seating arrangement, there are buses with 2-2 seats, there are also 3 seats on the right side and 2 seats on the other side, and so on. There are also buses that are equipped with bus toilets, some are not. If you are traveling for a long and long period of time, you should choose a bus that provides a toilet, because it might not be able to stop at any time when every passenger wants to go back.

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2. Find Complete Bus Schedule and Route Information

Find Schedule and Route Information

Before buying a bus ticket, it is also necessary to find out in advance the details of the travel schedule and route, namely starting from the location where the bus starts from where it gets off, then the location where it ends up getting off, until during the trip how many times the bus will stop or stop at the stop. such as restaurants and so on, so you can adjust the schedule. Also look for information whether the bus can stop at a certain point before reaching the terminal. Not infrequently there are passengers who ask to get off at a certain location before arriving at the last terminal, because it will be easier to be picked up or even closer to the main travel destination.

3. Do not eat and drink excessively

  Do not eat and drink excessively

Tips for traveling by bus then prepare physically for the trip, namely by eating and drinking enough first but remember that don’t eat and drink in excess. Why? Because by eating and drinking too much, you will tend to make frequent trips to the bathroom or have to hold back on your bowels, so you definitely won’t be comfortable during the trip.

4. Choose a Comfortable Seat

Choosing a Comfortable Seat

It is very important to choose the right and comfortable seat. Choose a seat near the window. The chair in the corner near the window can generally provide more space to sleep during the trip. There is also a place or pedestal to lean your head against the window, and if you are bored, you can enjoy the view outside the bus through the window easily, without having to be obstructed by other passengers. But it’s a bit of a hassle if you want to go out to the toilet for example, because you have to pass the passenger in the seat next to him. Avoid chairs that are near the door or the toilet, as well as chairs that are directly above the wheels, because they will often experience violent shaking of the wheels which can cause motion sickness. Meanwhile, seats that are close to the door or the toilet will be a place that is often used as a traffic by other passengers so that it will feel disturbing and uncomfortable.

5. Bring Comfort Supports such as Neck Pillows and Blindfolds

Neck Pillow and Eye Patch

In order to sit comfortably, even so that you can sleep comfortably while on the bus, prepare a neck pillow as well. As an anticipation also if there is no pillow provided on the bus.

Also bring an eye patch so you can sleep well without being disturbed by light. You can also bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the blazing sun.

6. Put a Large Bag or Suitcase in the Luggage

Put a Large Bag or Suitcase in the Luggage

On inter-city buses or inter-provincial buses, there is usually a special bag for passengers’ bags, so just put the big suitcase or bag in the trunk of the bus, because usually the bus cabin is not too big and has enough space. So just a small bag that was brought into the bus and a seat. Bags or other luggage can also be placed under the seat, so it can also be used as a footrest if you don’t have one on the bus. Valuables should be put in a small shoulder bag that can be carried or carried on the shoulder at all times, even when sleeping, or you can also use a waist bag.

7. Prepare Gadgets, Reading Materials or Small Musical Instruments

Prepare the Gadget

If you feel bored during the trip and drowsiness also doesn’t come, and you still want to enjoy the beautiful scenery that is presented on the trip, then you can listen to music while listening to music. Bring a music player, or listen to music or radio broadcasts from your cellphone, don’t forget to download the application first, which includes streaming music and don’t forget to have a powerbank ready, just in case the battery runs out quickly. Well, if the power bank runs out and the gadget can’t function, or it’s purposely saved in use because the battery is running low, then prepare reading material according to your taste, it can be in the form of novels, or comics or even heavy reading books that you haven’t had time to read until the letter. News can be a time filler. If that is also finished or you have finished reading, then you can spend time chatting and chatting with friends next door, traveling companions. There are many interesting conversation topics to choose from, starting from the weather, topics about each other’s families, topics about each other’s hobbies, topics about funny experiences that have been experienced by each of them, you can also share about strange things. that have been experienced, or even unpleasant experiences that have been experienced related to public service, or topics about favorite music tastes, topics about each other’s love stories, topics about artists or celebrities, or topics about politics and economics and so on are many. interesting topics that can be discussed while passing the time until you have arrived at your destination without realizing it. In addition, you can also play music while you are playing, you can bring small and compact musical instruments such as harmonica or flute and so on.
In addition, to fill the traveler’s time, they can also play games, read e-books and update status and photos on social media. Now there are also many buses that provide WiFi facilities.

Cover your ears with earphones if you want to sleep comfortably and don’t forget to set an alarm to wake you from sleep when the scheduled time to arrive at your destination.

So the choice of activities that you can do while on a trip by bus is to sleep to recover and prepare your stamina, until you arrive at your destination so that you are in a fresh or fit condition, or you can read reading material, which can be in the form of books or newspapers or novels or comics and so on according to taste. Or another way is to play music, which can play the harmonica for example, or the flute for example or something else. Or you can do other relaxing and light activities, such as playing games or listening to the radio or music through your cellphone or other music player. Or you can also try to talk with your traveling companion, whose topics of conversation can be varied and there are many to choose from according to your interests and tastes.

Thus our discussion this time about 7 comfortable tips for traveling by bus.

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