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7 Things That Affect Breast Size

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For some women, breasts become one of the supporting appearances. Not a few who want big breasts, but not a few who turn out to be more comfortable with small or ordinary sizes. However, did you know that breast size is influenced by various factors? Anything? Take a peek below!

1. Genetic factors

Genetic factors are one of the most common factors in determining breast size. If your mother or grandmother has a fairly large breast size, then you also have a tendency to the same thing.

2. Age

With age, the body also undergoes changes, including the breasts. Entering adulthood, the body will experience menopause and various hormonal changes that make the body experience a decrease in estrogen levels in the body. This is what makes the breast size shrink.

Turns out, these are 7 things that affect your breast

3. Weight

The breast is one part of the body that is quite complex because it consists of fat and connective tissue as well as blood vessels and other parts. If your body has more fatty tissuethen significant changes will be seen when your weight goes up or down.

4. Menstrual phase

Do you often feel that your breasts feel bigger and sore when you are about to or during your period? In the first half of the phase, the level of estrogen in the body will increase which also stimulates the milk ducts so that the breasts look bigger. Meanwhile, in the second half of the phase, it is the turn of the hormone progesterone that works to stimulate the formation of the mammary glands, so that the breasts feel sore.

Turns out, these are 7 things that affect your breast

5. Exercise habits

Exercise doesn’t really make your breasts smaller or bigger, but exercises like lifting weights help shape your breasts to be firmer and perfect. Some sports also play a role in building the muscles around the breasts that make the breasts appear bigger.

6. Birth control pills

For those of you who don’t know, birth control pills usually contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Both of these hormonal content can cause edema or fluid buildup. That’s one of the reasons why breasts get bigger when using birth control pills.

Turns out, these are 7 things that affect your breast

7. Pregnancy period

Pregnancy is also a factor that causes changes in breast size. Entering the 5th gestational age and beyond, progesterone levels continue to increase, thus stimulating the development of the mammary glands. So, don’t be surprised if women who are pregnant experience changes in breast size.

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