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7 Most Beautiful and Famous Beaches in Istanbul Turkey • Youth Tourism

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Istanbul is a city found in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located 41.01 latitude and 28.95 longitude, situated at an altitude of 39 meters above sea level. This time we will discuss about the most beautiful and famous beaches in Istanbul.

Istanbul has a population of 11,174,257 which makes it the largest city in Istanbul. Every year people and tourists who visit Turkey very much either just on vacation or for education. If you go to Turkey, take the time to visit various tourist destinations. The following is 7 Most Beautiful and Famous Beaches in Istanbul what you need to try.

1. Florya Beach

Florya Beach

Florya Beach – photo: by Hodolomax

One of the oldest beaches in the city, Florya Beach is a popular destination in Istanbul. Florya Beach is a good choice for those who don’t have time to travel to other beaches around Istanbul. Florya beach is also historically famous by hosting Atatürk. Of course this beach destination is perfect for those of you who want to relax on the beach.

2. Solar Beach

Solar Beach

Solar Beach – photo:

Located on the Black Sea coast of Kilyos, Solar Beach opened in 2002. The largest in Istanbul with an area of ​​60,000 square meters, Solar Beach is a very popular destination when vacationing in Turkey. There are various festivals, concerts, parties and other organizations, a beach club is ideal for such events.

Solar Beach has a medical clinic, helicopter ambulance and coast guard crew. Apart from swimming, relaxing or partying the club offers various sports facilities such as kite boarding, jet skiing, go-carting, windsurfing, beach volleyball and soccer.

Solar Beach has parking, restaurants, cafes and performances. It is the ideal place to swim, relax or join activities during the day and attend parties and concerts at night.

3. Kisirkaya Beach

Kisirkaya Beach

Kisirkaya Beach – photo:

Kisirkaya Beach is a free beach in Istanbul north of the black sea. It is a sandy beach and perfect for swimming in summer. To go there you can take the M2 line from Taksim (or Yenikapi) to Haciosman. 152 bus from Haciosman to Kisirkaya. Or Dolmus (minibus) from Haciosman to kirirkaya.

4. Dalia Beach

Dalia Beach

Dalia Beach – photo:

Mediterranean atmosphere on the black sea, Dalia Beach Club has a green area, Bar, Restaurant, private security and parking space with a capacity of one thousand cars. Trekking, beach volleyball and surfing are some of the activities offered at Dalia Beach Club. Dalia Beach Club restaurant is famous for its food dishes with fish and sea. This beach is open in every season so you are free to visit anytime.

While Dalia is quite spacious and green is pleasant enough even for nature lovers, you can still enjoy some physical activity if you so choose. There are designated areas for trekkers as well as rowboats and canoes available for use; beachgoers can also take part in beach volleyball and surfing. The food and drink options have also been thought out with care and attention and prepared with regional produce (the feta cheese comes from Ezine, while the honey comes from Fethiye). The fish menu is also the perfect way to end your day.

5. Burc Beach

Burc Beach

Burc Beach – photo:

Burç Beach near Bogazici University is located in Gümüşdere, Kilyos. The beach is sandy with various types of water sports such as surfing, kiteboarding and water skiing. Just 30 minutes from the city, Burç Beach offers cafes, bars and a fish restaurant. There are sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and changing rooms for guests. Burç Beach Waikiki hosts many events such as concerts, beach sunset parties and the beach volleyball Championship. The beach is open from 09:00-21:30.

6. Yoruk Ali Beach

Yoruk Ali beach

Yoruk Ali Beach – photo:

Yoruk Ali Beach is a great family vacation spot. Enjoy the sandy beach, cool water and great service here. Get a boat or catamaran on the Sea of ​​Marmara. There is rental of a bungalow type room if the deck is crowded. Rooms have a balcony, TV, minibar and hot water. Ride a bike and wonder around this beautiful area. This beach is located in Buyukada, Istanbul. Free boat ride on the right from the ferry terminal. You want to vacation here? This beach is open daily from 8:00 – 20:00.

7. NakiBey Beach

NakiBey beach

NakiBey Beach – photo:

Nakibey Beach has been serving guests since 1984. The water intended for swimming is safe and shallow. Several doctors are available on the beach in case of an emergency. The sand in the water is very friendly and clean.
You can sunbathe on the deck or rest in a cozy bungalow. Bungalows have AC, hot water, TV. Of course very interesting is not it?

This is information about the list 7 Best and Most Beautiful Beaches in Istanbul Turkey which is very charming with a variety of beautiful panoramic views. Hopefully it will add more insight about your tourist destinations and thank you.

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