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7 Medina Zein’s latest look, confident with blonde hair |

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photo: Instagram/@medinazein92
Medina Zein changed her appearance drastically from the original hijab. – The name Medina Zein became public attention after removing the hijab and exposing the disgrace of her husband, Lukman Azhari. Through his upload on Instagram Stories, Medina said he would expose Lukman’s rot with a woman.

“Hi loser, if you don’t allow my child to pick up, it’s going to be crowded, a complex of positive people can’t live with small children,” said Medina Zein.

He said he had obtained strong evidence through CCTV footage. “This CCTV and your chat with ani-ani I already hold, if you don’t allow my child to leave the house, I’ll post all your rotten things,” he continued.

photo: Instagram/@medinazein92

“It’s not really gentle to be a boy, gosh, I can’t be the right family head,” Medina said. “If you can’t make a living, it’s better to stay quiet, be a good person, not a loser.”

Behind the hustle and bustle of the Medina household, of course what is no less horrendous is her latest appearance. As is known, Medina has been appearing closed with a hijab. However, now she appears confident with blonde hair.

This can be seen from a number of uploads on Instagram. This change is definitely attracting attention. Not a few regretted Medina Zein’s actions. However, there are also those who learn to understand Medina’s decision.

“It’s more beautiful to wear a hijab, it’s more elegant!,” said @restidiputri.

“Can you just share the hijab, it’s a shame you don’t wear it anymore,” said @anisa_rahmadien.

“Unfortunately, the hijab is only used when the husband loves it.. Hopefully in the future we can wear it again, yes.. God willing, the test will strengthen our mentality,” wrote @anwardebby.

“Hold your fingers and netizens’ mouths, pray for the good … fellow women should have a sense of empathy … if you can’t help and stretch out your hand, it’s better to be quiet and pray,” said @maminyastar2901.

Despite getting a lot of innuendo and unpleasant responses, Medina Zein didn’t seem to care. Here are some of Medina’s latest appearances, as reported by from various sources, Thursday (10/1).

1. “The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let go, and knowing when to say goodbye,” Medina wrote in her post.

photo: Instagram/@medinazein92

2. In this post, Medina admits that he is grateful to be given great children. He hopes that his son will always be there for him and he is ready to give the best for the baby.

photo: Instagram/@medinazein92

3. Medina’s appearance looks more open when holding her baby. Despite getting a lot of criticism regarding her decision to remove the hijab, Medina did not bother about it.

photo: Instagram/@medinazein92

4. Medina appears more confident with blonde hair. She does look different, successfully making a lot of eyes on her because she has made the decision to take off her hijab.

photo: Instagram/@medinazein92

5. Medina after removing the hijab, immediately arranged her hair. He chose to appear with blonde hair.

photo: Instagram/@medinazein92

6. He also appears bangs. It is not known why Medina removed the hijab.

photo: Instagram/@medinazein92

7. This decision made many people disappointed, but not a few also respected Medina’s decision.

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