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7 Korean Dramas and Movies Zombie Attacks in Different Places

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One of the Korean drama or film genres that is a favorite of the audience is about zombie attacks. The atmosphere of tension, anger, anger, and sadness that was displayed succeeded in gaining a place in the hearts of the audience.

But if the stories that are shown have the same pattern, it’s certainly boring, right? Well, these Korean dramas and films actually present zombie stories in different places, you know. Let’s go scroll just!

1. All Of Us Are Dead (2022), zombies in school

All Of Us Are Dead is a netflix original drama which is an adaptation of a webtoon entitled School Attack. The story of this drama begins when a high school student Hyosan is bitten by a rat and she turns into a zombie. Quickly, this epidemic spread throughout Hyosan High School.

If usually other zombie dramas or movies present an adult’s point of view, the story All Of Us Are Dead instead centered on a group of students trying to survive. Those who are still relatively unstable and immature must be faced with the zombies who were once their friends.

2. Happiness (2021), zombies in the apartment

The drama, starring Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik, tells the story of a zombie attack in an apartment complex. The story begins when Yoon Sae Beom (Han Hyo Joo) and Jung Yi Hyun (Park Hyung Sik) who have been friends for a long time decide to get married to get an apartment.

However, they did not expect that the apartment they lived in was a center for drug trafficking which was suspected to be the cause of the zombie outbreak in several places. While they were investigating the circulation of the drug, the people living in the apartment started to turn into these beasts.

3. Kingdom (2019), zombies in the Joseon era kingdom

Kingdom is the first original drama to air on Netflix. Not only that, the concept of the story is also unique because it tells the story of a zombie outbreak in the Joseon era. This suspense-filled story and kept many mysteries successfully made Kingdom lots of people talk about.

This drama tells of a plague that suddenly attacks the kingdom and its surroundings. The plague makes someone who has died rises again and starts attacking other humans.

Crown Prince Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon) is then assigned to investigate the outbreak and must find a cure. But the task at hand is much more difficult than he thought because it involves the life and death of many people.

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4. Train To Busan (2016), zombies on the train

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Although Korea has released several zombie-themed films, none of them have been successful. Until finally, Train to Busan exploded in the market and managed to attract the attention of the audience. You could say, this film became a turning point for zombie-themed dramas and films in Korea.

Train to Busan tells the story of a group of humans who get stuck on a train on their way to Busan from Seoul. They must survive the attacks of humans who have turned into zombies. Not only tense, you will also be carried away by emotions when watching this film.

5. Zombie On Sale (2019), zombies in the countryside

If usually other zombie dramas or movies make the audience feel tense, Zombies On Sale this can actually make you laugh because it’s a comedy genre. The zombies in this film have no self-respect anymore, right!

The story begins when a zombie strays into the countryside in the Poongsan area. He then accidentally bites a resident named Man Deok (Park In Hwan). Not being a zombie, Man Deok actually looks young.

Since then, the zombies who began to be called Jjong Bi (Jung Ga Ram) are used as a youth business by the residents. Not only that, you will see for the first time a vegetarian zombie falls in love with a human.

6. #Alive (2020), a zombie in the middle of the city

Film #Alive tells the story of a city that is in chaos due to a mysterious plague that has turned humans into zombies. The story begins with Oh Joon Eo (Yoo Ah In) doing live streaming in channel hers.

Suddenly, one of the viewers told him to immediately watch the news on television. He also knows that now the state of the city is in chaos with the plague zombies mysterious attack on the city. This is made clear when Joon Woo looks outside his apartment, everyone has turned into zombies.

Oh Joon Woo has to survive in his apartment with a meager supply of food. Until finally he met Kim Yoo Bin (Park Shin Hye) who also both survived.

7. Peninsula (2020), zombies on board

Usually, other zombie dramas or movies will tell the story when the outbreak is just starting. But the film which is a sequel to Train to Busan this actually tells the struggle of humans who are still surviving after the zombie outbreak first appeared.

Peninsula takes place 4 years after the events Train to Busan. The story focuses on Jung Seok (Kang Dong Won) who has a mission to return to Korea which is now infested with zombies..

But when he got there, he learned of the fact that some people who were still alive were kidnapped and taken to the ship. It turned out that they were made sacrifices in the arena of battle against zombies just to satisfy a group.

Even though they have the same theme, the story patterns presented are completely different. The story is so original and certainly doesn’t bore the audience. From the seven lists above, which drama or film do you like the most?

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