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7 Korean Dramas Airing April 2022, There Will Be a Horror Genre

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The Korean entertainment industry, especially Korean dramas, is growing rapidly producing dramas or dramas series which can be used as entertainment in their spare time for the audience. A series of Korean dramas with various stories will air in April 2022. This series of dramas also stars many famous and popular South Korean actresses and actors, you know.

Various kinds of drama genres are also presented, ranging from romantic, romantic comedy, slice of life, action, to horror. There is even a favorite couple of Korean drama fans, namely Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min. They will compete acting in the same title, although it is not told as a couple.

The following are seven Korean dramas that are scheduled to air in April 2022 and are ready to entertain you, let’s have a look!

1. Our Blues

Our Blues Drama Poster (

Sprinkled with popular South Korean actresses and actors, Our Blues starring Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, Kim Hye Ja, lovers Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin and other well-known artists. This drama tells the life of several characters who have sweet, sour, and bitter stories on Jeju Island.

Lee Byung Hun plays Lee Dong Suk, a man who was born and raised in a village on Jeju Island. Earning a living for himself by selling trucks. Shin Min Ah will co-star with Lee Byung Hun as Min Sun Ah, a woman who comes to Jeju with her secret and life story. This drama will air on April 9, 2022 on tvN television stations and platforms stream Netflix.

2. My Liberation Notes

The drama, starring Kim Ji Won, Le Min Ki and Lee El, will soon air on JTBC on April 9, 2022. My Liberation Notes tells the story of three siblings who have suffocating lives. When they wanted to escape from that life, a mysterious man from outside came to their town.

Kim Ji Won will play the role of Yum Min Jung who is the youngest child with a closed and shy nature. Lee Min Ki plays Yum Chang Hee, the second child and Lee El plays Yum Ki Jung, the eldest brother, who feels his youth was wasted going back and forth to work in Seoul and is desperate to find love.

3. Again My Life

7 Korean Dramas Airing April 2022, There Will Be a Horror GenreDrama Again My Life Poster (

Lee Joon Gi will take on the role of Kim Hee Woo, a young prosecutor who died because he was unfairly murdered while investigating the case of a corrupt politician, but unexpectedly gets a second chance at life. Drama Again My Life is a drama adaptation of a popular South Korean web novel.

Again My Life not only starring Lee Joon Gi, there will be Kim Ji Eun, Lee Kyung Young, Han Dam Hee, Kim Do Kyung, and other artists. This drama will air through SBS TV station on April 8, 2022.

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4. Monster

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7 Korean Dramas Airing April 2022, There Will Be a Horror GenreDrama Monstrous Poster (

monstrous is a horror genre drama that airs on TVING. This drama stars Shin Hyun Been, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Ji Young, Park Ho San, Kwak Dong Yeon and Nam Da Reum.

Later, this drama tells the story of an archaeologist who searches for strange supernatural phenomena until people are lured by the curse of an object that should not appear in the world. This drama will officially air through TVING on April 6, 2022.

5. Green Mothers Club

7 Korean Dramas Airing April 2022, There Will Be a Horror GenreGreen Mothers Club Drama Poster (

Describes the story of friendship, romance and life of five mothers. Green Mothers Club stars Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja Hyun, Kim Kyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, and Joo Min Kyung as five mothers with each very different personalities.

Lee Yo Won will take on the role of Lee Eun Pyo, a woman who has a strong sense of pride in her education. Chu Ja Hyun as Byun Choon Hee, trendsetter beautiful and good at getting information from insiders. Kim Kyu Ri plays Seo Jin Ha, Lee Eun Pyo’s friend who becomes a rival. Meanwhile, Jang Hye Jin will play Kim Young Mi, who is Byun Choon Hee’s nemesis, while Joo Min Kyung will play Park Yoon Joo, Lee Eun Pyo’s younger cousin. Green Mothers Club will be broadcast through the television station JTBC on April 6, 2022.

6. Shooting Stars

The tvN television station will present another romantic comedy genre drama entitled Shooting Stars. This drama stars Le Sung Kyung, Kim Young Dae, Lee Jung Shin, Yoon Jong Hoon and other artists.

Shooting stars tells about the lives of people who have difficult jobs behind the scenes in the entertainment industry in order to always show the good side of celebrities. Kim Young Dae plays the character of Gong Tae Sung who is a top star. Meanwhile, Lee Sung Kyung will play Oh Han Byul, a team head at an entertainment agency. This drama will premiere on April 22, 2022.

7. 493km For You

7 Korean Dramas Airing April 2022, There Will Be a Horror GenreDrama Poster 493km For You (

This time there is a romantic genre drama that tells the love life from the athlete’s point of view entitled 493km For You. This sports romance drama tells the story of a man and a woman who are on a badminton mixed doubles team.

Park Ju Hyun plays the role of Park Tae Yang, an excellent female badminton player smashing and a former Olympic athlete who returned to the badminton court after a three-year absence. Chae Jong Hyeop plays Park Tae Joon, a team member who thinks badminton is just a job to do. 493km For You will premiere on the KBS channel on April 20, 2022.

The dramas that will air in April are very diverse and of course it’s a shame to miss. Of the seven Korean dramas above, which one is it that makes you curious and will enter? watchlist you?

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