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7 Korean Drama Recommendations for Twenty Five, Twenty One Fans

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Twenty-Five, Twenty-One is one of the KDrama on going much discussed. This is due to several factors, two of which are because the drama has a positive vibe and an inspiring story that keeps the audience motivated.

Airing every Saturday and Sunday, of course long enough for those who can’t wait to watch every new episode. Well, maybe on the sidelines of waiting, you might be able to first enjoy the following seven Korean dramas whose stories will both keep you excited and inspired!

1. Age of Youth (2016)

KDrama Age of Youth posters. (doc. JTBC/Age of Youth)

Age of Youth is a KDrama whose character is a group of students. This drama focuses on the story of friendship, identity, so it is very suitable to watch, especially for those of you who are in your early 20s.

This drama is also highly recommended for people who like watching female-centered friendships, because in this drama they grow to understand each other and develop an unshakable brotherly bond.

2. School 2017 (2017)

7 Recommended Korean Dramas for Those of You Who Like Twenty-Five, Twenty-Oneposter of KDrama School 2017. (doc. KBS/School 2017)

Although School 2017 focuses more on high school navigating a competitive academic environment, but the main character Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jeong) is an artist. webtoon who has high aspirations and hopes to get into an arts university despite poor grades.

The drama also focuses on students whose talents lie outside of academics and illustrates that it’s okay to have unconventional dreams and aspirations. School 2017 also peppered with a bit of mystery, where the students are trying to find out who the figure X has been doing all sorts of chaos at their school.

3. Start-Up (2020)

7 Recommended Korean Dramas for Those of You Who Like Twenty-Five, Twenty-OneKDrama Start Up posters. (doc. tvN/Start Up)

In 2020 ago, Nam Joo Hyuk once shocked the KDrama world when he starred in Start-Up. This drama is an inspiring story about young people who want to launch their own business successfully.

Start-up also stars Suzy as the female lead Seo Dal Mi, who is just as passionate as her character Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) in Twenty-Five, Twenty-One. Despite facing various obstacles in the process, this drama teaches us not to stop pursuing our dreams in order to achieve them.

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4. Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

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7 Recommended Korean Dramas for Those of You Who Like Twenty-Five, Twenty-OneKDrama Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo poster. (doc. MBC/Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

Starring Nam Joo Hyuk too, Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo remains one of the most iconic sports KDrama of today. Centered around students at a sports university, this drama delves into issues unique to different sports.

In addition, this drama also depicts friendship and sportsmanship in a tense and competitive environment. Each character in this drama struggles to pursue their dreams, finding love and true self in the process.

5. Fight For My Way (2017)

7 Recommended Korean Dramas for Those of You Who Like Twenty-Five, Twenty-OneKDrama Fight For My Way poster. (doc. KBS/Fight For My Way)

Same as Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, drama Fight For My Way is also an inspiring story that follows an athlete’s journey to glory. Go Dong Man, played by Park Seo Joon, is a former taekwondo star who quit the sport due to a painful incident.

In adulthood, Dong Man lived an unfulfilling life. Until finally he turned to mixed martial arts as a means to pursue his dream.

6. Girls’ Generation 1997 (2017)

7 Recommended Korean Dramas for Those of You Who Like Twenty-Five, Twenty-One1997 KDrama Girls’ Generation poster. (doc. KBS/Girls’ Generation 1997)

Girls’ Generation 1997 is a high school retro KDrama starring one of the players Twenty Five, Twenty One, namely Bona WJSN. This drama follows the story of a group of teenagers as they experience first love and petty rivalries until they finally learn the true meaning of friendship.

7. Extraordinary You (2019)

7 Recommended Korean Dramas for Those of You Who Like Twenty-Five, Twenty-OneKDrama Extraordinary You poster. (doc. MBC/Extraordinary You)

Starring Kim Hye Yoon and SF9’s Rowoon, Extraordinary You is a fantasy romance drama, where the story is about a character in the comic world who realizes that he is in the comic world. They then attempt to rewrite their own destiny.

Although it may be the story that is furthest from Twenty-Five, Twenty-One on this list, but there are also lessons to be learned from this drama. Like, determination, friendship to find the true identity.

Same as Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, The seven KDramas above teach the audience to have a strong determination in achieving goals or pursuing dreams. In addition, the story of friendship in each of the above KDrama really gives vibes positive for the audience.

If you haven’t watched one of the KDrama lists above, it’s better to add it to the watchlist, because the drama is no less exciting than Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, you know!

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