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7 Healthy Ways to Increase Appetite

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Increase appetite can be done in various ways. One of them is to adjust the food menu and diet. In addition, there are various healthy tips that you can apply to arouse your appetite.

There are many factors that can reduce or increase appetite, such as physical conditions and psychological factors. For example, when we are sick or stressed, we tend to have no appetite to eat.

In addition, side effects of medications, available food choices, or deficiencies in certain nutrients also contribute to high or low appetite.

How to Increase Appetite

Don’t let your appetite go away for days because it can cause the body to become malnourished and experience health problems. Here are some ways that can help increase your appetite:

1. Exercise regularly

Keep in mind that exercise can increase appetite. This is because physical activity such as exercising can burn calories and drain energy, so the body will feel hungry and need to eat.

Exercise also helps the body release chemicals in the brain that can help improve mood and stimulate appetite. Try a leisurely walk or other light exercise, such as yoga, 60 minutes before mealtime.

2. Take an appetite-boosting vitamin supplement

Lack of certain types of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, can reduce appetite. Therefore, you can take several types of appetite-enhancing supplements, such as: zincmultivitamins, fish oil, dan echinacea.

Of course, you are advised to consult with your doctor first before taking appetite-enhancing supplements.

3. Eat more often with small portions

Food with large portions tends to make a person unappetizing, especially people who have no appetite. To work around this, try to divide the portion of 3 large meals into 6-7 small portions a day and don’t skip breakfast to increase your appetite.

4. Avoid drinking a lot of water before or during meals

Drinking water before eating or in between meals can make your stomach feel full, so that your appetite is reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to limit water consumption at least 30 minutes before eating.

5. Prepare your favorite food

This method is the easiest to do to increase appetite. Stock up on your favorite foods in a place that is easy to see and reach so you are more tempted to eat them.

Another trick, try viewing photos or videos of food and cooking. This method can arouse and increase your appetite too.

6. Prepare interesting food

To increase your appetite, try to make your food look more appealing. For example, colorful foods can make you want to eat, even if you don’t feel hungry.

7. Create a new atmosphere when eating

In addition to preparing food, you can also set the dining table like a medium candlelight dinner by lighting a candle on the dining table. Then perfect it by playing your favorite music.

If your appetite has not returned to normal even though you have done the ways to increase appetite above, you should consult further with your doctor. The doctor will find out the cause and provide appropriate treatment.

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