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7 Free Mobile Games That You Must Try, It’s A Big Loss If You Don’t Play!

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Smartphones in today’s era are no longer just a communication tool, but also as a means of communication handheld consoles. A number of smartphone even special for games. With RAM and memory adequate, you can play games the good one.

For you fans gameshere is a list of some mobile games free which is very good quality and you need to try. Not only one genre really, so you can try them all.

1. The Alchemist Code

One of games a strategy RPG worth trying. The Alchemist Code has gameplay which is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Saiyuki: Journey West on Playstation 1. You’ll have to move several characters and set the right position to win missions.

The Alchemist Code also uses job system for each character where each character has at least three different jobs. Cultivating The Alchemist Code is classified as an intention. With different voice actors, pleasant songs, and animations like watching anime, you will feel comfortable waiting updates-his.

2. Pokemon Quest

7 Free Mobile Games That You Must Try, It's A Big Loss If You Don't Play!

Unlike other Pokemon games, Pokemon Quest has gameplay which makes it very unique. You no longer catch pure Pokemon with Pokeballs, but instead cook to trap them.

In addition to battleIn this case, your Pokemon will move freely, but you can’t completely control it. All you can do is set timing move and evade. Feels like playing Digimon World on Playstation 1.

3. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

7 Free Mobile Games That You Must Try, It's A Big Loss If You Don't Play!

Recognized as the best Yu-gi-Oh game ever created. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links will give you hundreds of Yu-Gi-Oh cards which have effects similar to trading cards-his. What makes the difference inside online game this is a monster card that is in the arena the maximum is six: three monster cards and three cards spell or traps, while the rules trading cardsit uses 10 cards.

This game is very competitive and will make you addicted. Although already available for PC, version mobileit’s still comfortable to play. Oh, you can also learn English from here because the explanation of the card effects is quite complicated to understand.

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Editor’s picks

4. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

7 Free Mobile Games That You Must Try, It's A Big Loss If You Don't Play!my box

For some people Final Fantasy graphics are still 8 and 16 bit is a beauty in itself. With his character still chibi-chibimakes there a sense of nostalgia in it.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius delivers just that. With good graphic quality (for example when issuing summon) as well as turn based gameplaya game in collaboration with the studio that worked on it games Brave Frontier is really worth a try. You can also explore the city and find treasures like playing Final Fantasy in general.

5. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG)

7 Free Mobile Games That You Must Try, It's A Big Loss If You Don't Play!

PUBG mobile indeed games a must play now. With concept survivalyou will be challenged to survive from 100 player others and be the only survivor.

When juxtaposed with his brother on the PC, the version mobile seem stiffer. However, gameplay easier, making PUBG mobile more comfortable to play for players gamer casual rather than professional.

6. Mobius Final Fantasy

7 Free Mobile Games That You Must Try, It's A Big Loss If You Don't Play!

Mobius Final Fantasy is referred to as an episodic RPG game. You will play a character who jobyou can change it. Substitution job means changing costumes and appearances too so that your character will definitely be different from other people’s characters. Oh yes, you can also wear costumes from other Final Fantasy series, such as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and follow the storyline.

7. GunboundM

7 Free Mobile Games You Must Try, It's A Big Loss If You Don't Play!

For those who played online games in the 2000 era, of course they are quite familiar with this game. Gunbound is a game turn-based, room to room, multiplayer shooting online. Like Worm, you have to set the right angle and calculate the wind strength so that your shot hits the target. Gameplayit has been modified in such a way for the version mobileso that you will feel new things, but not feel foreign.

That was a group mobile games which you can immediately download for free. So, which one have you tried?

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