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7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Hon

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tvN has re-released the latest star-studded KDrama, titled Hwan Hon. Apart from being star-studded, this KDrama is written by a screenwriter famous for his previous works, namely, Hotel Del Luna, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, Master’s Sun, My Girl, You’re Beautiful, and The Greatest Love.

Meanwhile, Hwan Hon will star Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Mi, NU’EST’s Minhyun, Oh Nara, Shin Seung Ho, Yoo Jun Sang, and Jo Jae Yoon. Hwan Hon has a fantasy romance genre and is scheduled to be aired soon in 2022. While waiting for the drama to air, let’s get to the interesting facts about the drama’s cast Hwan Hon, check this out!

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1. Lee Jae Wook had a role in the drama ‘Memories Of The Alhambra’ as an antagonist

Coming Soon, 7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Honportrait of Lee Jae Wook (

After acting in drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol in 2020 then, in 2022 Lee Jae Wook will soon comeback in drama Hwan Hon. in drama Hwan Hon, he will play the role of Jang Wook, a character whose background is quite tragic and he lives his life with feelings of vengeance.

The interesting fact is that Lee Jae Wook has also played Marco, an antagonist as a ghost in the drama Memories Of The Alhambra in 2018, in that drama also Lee Jae Wook started his acting career. in drama Of The Alhambra, Lee Jae Wook fits perfectly into his role as the antagonist.

2. Besides being good at acting, Jung So Min is also good at singing

Coming Soon, 7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Honportrait of Jung So Min (

Jung So Mi’s name is popular when she plays the main character in dramas Playful Kiss. Until now, Jung So Mi has starred in many KDrama titles and films. And in 2022, the beautiful actress will be comeback in drama Hwan Hon, plays the role of Mu Deok Yi who is a reliable assassin.

Not only good at acting, apparently Jung So Mi is also good at singing, you know! It is proven when the beautiful actress fills one of the original soundtrack KDrama Because This Is My First Life, with a song called Because You’re Here.

3. Hwang Min Hyun is an idol figure dubbed as Minnie Optimus

Coming Soon, 7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Honportrait of Hwang Min Hyun (

Who doesn’t know this idol and actor, Minhyun. He is a member of boy band from South Korea, NU’EST and a former member of Wanna One. He has a unique ability, which is that he can imitate Optimus Prime’s voice, which is one of the characters from the film Transformers. No wonder he was nicknamed Minnie Optimus.

After having a role in the drama Live On in 2020, Minhyun will return to acting in the latest drama entitled Hwan Hon, In this fantasy romance genre drama, Minhyun will play the character of a genius prince named Seo Youl.

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4. Shin Seung Ho is known for his role in the web drama ‘A-teen’

Coming Soon, 7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Honportrait of Shin Seung Ho (

Shin Seung Ho is best known for his role as Nam Shi Woo in the web drama A-Teen. In the drama A-Teen, Shin Seung Ho showed his excellent acting talent and managed to get a lot of attention.

From his role in the drama A-Teen, Shin Seung Ho was invited several times to star in various KDrama titles. Starting from, Love Alarm, At Eighteen, Double Paty, How To Buy A Friend, Hommade Love Story, DP, until the latest is Hwan Hon. in drama Hwan Hon alone, Shin Seung Ho will play the crown prince named Go Won, his character in this drama will have a narrow impression

5. Yoo Jun Sang is a multi-talented senior actor

Coming Soon, 7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Honportrait of Yoo Jun Sang (

Yoo Jun Sang is a senior South Korean actor who also joined the drama Hwan Honhe will play the role of Park Jin, that is, the head of So Rim which is the biggest company in Daeho country which is told in the drama. Hwan Hon this.

In addition to having a capable acting talent, Yoo Jun Sang also has talents in singing, writing, playing musical instruments, such as the violin, saxophone, guitar, and piano. Apart from being an actor, since 2010, Yoo Jun Sang is also a full-time teaching staff at Korea Art College, this senior actor is really multitalented!

6. Oh Na Ra has a unique romance in real life

Coming Soon, 7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Honportrait of Oh Na Ra (

Oh Na Ra is one of the actresses lined up to act in dramas Hwan Hon, The actress who was born October 26, 1974 will play the role of Kim Do Joo who is the mother of Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook). Kim Do Joo (Oh Na Ra) will be told to be very generous and a big influence in the Jang family.

An interesting fact about this beautiful actress is about her love life. The reason is, he was in a romantic relationship with Kim Do Hoon for almost 22 years without being tied to a marriage relationship, Kim Do Hoon himself is a musical actor who changed professions as a professor. Wow, the relationship between the two is really durable!

7. Jo Jae Yoon became the most mysterious character in the drama ‘Mouse’

Coming Soon, 7 Facts about Korean Drama Hwan Honportrait of Jo Jae Yoon (

Next up, there’s Jo Jae Yoon. This senior actor who has starred in various films and dramas will take on the role of Jin Mu, the antagonist in the drama Hwan Hon. Jin Mu himself is a deputy head of the government who has hidden evil intentions.

Previously, Jo Jae Yoon attracted a lot of attention for his mysterious role in the drama Mouse. At that time, Jo Jae Yoon played the role of Daniel Lee who had been murdered, but his image reappeared in episode 11 of the drama Mouse. Until the drama ends, Daniel Lee’s character, played by Jo Jae Yoon, is still an unsolved mystery, you know!

Drama Hwan Hon has a unique storyline, coupled with the presence of talented actors and actresses, and was written by the popular screenwriter Hong Sisters and also directed by Park Joon Hwa who also worked on popular dramas. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, make drama Hwan Hon it’s worth the wait!

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