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7 Facts about Bona, Kim Tae Ri’s Rival in the Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ |

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7 Facts about Bona, Kim Tae Ri’s Rival in the Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’

This February, we are presented with many light dramas that are full of youthful romance. One of which isTwenty Five Twenty One which is always a topic of discussion because the story is set in 1998.

Not only the storyline, the actors also attract the attention of the audience. In addition to the names of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri who are busy, Bona’s name is also hotly discussed because of her face and cold and unpredictable character.

Bona herself is an idol-actress who has debuted since 2016. Here are 7 facts about Bona, Kim Tae Ri’s rival in Twenty Five Twenty One.

1. Debut as an idol with WJSN

Bona started her career as an idol who debuted as a member girl group South Korea-China, WJSN or Cosmic Girls, and also in the sub-unit WJSN The Black. Her agencies are Starship Entertainment and Kingkong Entertainment, for her as an actress.

Prior to debuting under Starship, Bona underwent a 6-year training period at Cube Entertainment. So, he underwent a total of 7 training periods before finally debuting.

2. Originally wanted to use the stage name ‘summer’

Bona is her stage name. The vocalist and visual of WJSN has the real name Kim Ji Yeon. Bona admitted that he himself did not know the meaning of his stage name. When appearing on the show radiostar, Bona revealed that she actually wanted to use the name Yeoreum which means summer. Because the idol born August 19, 1995 was born in the summer.

3. Friends with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Both were born in 1995 and look like rabbits, BLACKPINK’s Bona and Jisoo are also friends,you know, Bela. Their friendship came about thanks to a fan report. He told Jisoo that Bona wanted to be close to him.

Actress Snowdrop he also met Bona at the Inkigayo music show in 2018. In July 2021, Bona uploaded a moment with the visual of the BLACKPINK group on the Instagram account @bn_95819. Withcaption “🐰🐰” the two try out various cute filters. Jisoo also sent food trucks to support Bona who is filming her latest drama.

4. Acting debut by co-starring with Cha Eun Woo

A year after her idol debut, Bona made her acting debut. He started acting in 2017 in a Korean drama entitled Hit the Top. In the drama he still takes on a minor role, but remains one to look forward to.

In the drama, he also co-starred with Cha Eun Woo, and the other three main characters Yoon Shi-yoon, Lee Se-young, and Kim Min-jae. In the same year, Bona was also chosen to be the main character in a Korean drama Girls’ Generation 1979. The drama is themed coming of age which follows the story of friendship and youth mischief.

5. Win award events

Bona’s name as an actress became popular after she starred in dramas Homemade Love Story in 2020. He has also beencameo in drama Radio Romance and star in drama Your House Helper in 2018.

Even thanks to his appearance in the drama Homemade Love StoryBona won the award Best New Actress from KBS Drama Awards 2020. He also took home the trophy Best Idol Actress fromKorea First Brand Awards 2020. From the beginning of his acting debut, his name has been included in several award nominations.

6. Enter the top 3 in the brand reputation ranking

The Korean Business Research Institute reveal reputation ranking brand February for the member category girl group. Bona’s name is at number 3 after Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

His name has soared even though the group is still on hiatus and there is no sign of it yet comeback. Fans also hope, not only Bona can comeback Say hello to fans, but the group can join too comeback.

7. Stealing more attention in Twenty Five Twenty One

Bona is again stealing attention as a high school student who is a gold medal-winning national fencing athlete in Korean dramas Twenty Five Twenty One. She plays Go Yu Rim’s rival and friend chat virtual world of Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) with a complicated relationship.

Her slick acting makes viewers excited and at the same time interested in Bona and the characters she plays. Before starting filming, Bona and Kim Tae Ri were trained by professional fencers who won gold medals. Bona herself practiced fencing for three months every morning. Totality, yesBela.

Those are 7 facts about Bona, a Twenty Five Twenty One drama player who is also a member of the WJSN group.

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