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7 Common Mistakes When Traveling and How to Avoid Them

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Mistakes while traveling often happens unintentionally. It could be because the traveler is inexperienced in traveling or indeed the mistake has already become a justified habit. What are the most common mistakes when traveling and how to overcome them?

Actually, sometimes a traveler indirectly realizes something is wrong, but sometimes chooses to ignore it. It could also be because many people practice the same thing and then make the traveler imitate and think that common mistakes when traveling be a natural thing. So, what are the series of mistakes that should be avoided?

1. Wrong costume

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Usually, the tragedy of wrong costumes happens to invited guests while attending an event. However, such incidents can also happen to travelers. For example, you want to travel to a highland area where the temperature is bone-chilling cold. You should be wearing thick, warm clothes, but instead wear light clothes.


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2. Wrong Way aka Lost

Wrong Way aka Lost
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Mistakes while traveling next is the wrong way or get lost. This usually happens when a traveler is visiting the area for the first time and does not use the services of a tour guide. With GPS, which often gives wrong directions, it’s time to find the right way. As long as you don’t get lost in the wilderness, okay?

3. Overpacking

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Overpacking luggage when traveling can also be a troublesome mistake. Error overpacking usually occurs due to several possibilities:

  • The traveler is not good at sorting out what is important and not for the trip.
  • Travelers do not know the terrain of the destination so they choose to pack as many things as possible in preparation.
  • The individual concerned is too lazy to pack it properly.
  • These tourists have a tendency to OCD so they cannot use the same item more than once so that the luggage overflows.

4. Book Tickets at the Last Second

Book Tickets at the Last Second
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Traveler’s fatal mistake which should really be avoided is ordering transportation tickets at the last second before departure. There is no need to worry about this if the traveler uses a private vehicle to their destination, but if you take public transportation such as trains, buses, or planes? The ticket price can be doubled.

5. Book Hotel Far from Destination

Hotel Far from Destination
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When they have never visited a destination at all, travelers tend to only rely on applications booking to prepare for accommodation needs. The hotel is included. This is what then triggers the occurrence of mistakes when traveling. The application does offer a large selection of hotels at relatively cheaper prices than manual reservations.

However, it has often happened that the hotel is far from the destination. In fact, online orders via such applications are difficult to cancel. Even if it is possible, the customer will be subject to a fine of up to 10% of the total value booking. Sometimes there are also many lists of cheap hotels near locations that are not actually included in the offer in the application.

6. Not Storing Important Documents Properly and Without Back Up

Not Saving Important Documents
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When traveling, there are important documents needed. For example, identity cards, for domestic tourism. Meanwhile, when traveling abroad, more documents are needed, such as passports and visas. A common traveler error is neglecting to store documents even though they don’t have copies. If it happened, it would be very troublesome, right?

7. Incorrect Timing

Incorrect Timing
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Often times, travelers are also wrong in choosing travel times. For example, the destination is a beach area so you can sunbathe, swim, snorkeling, and so on, but it turned out to be the rainy season. Automatically the activities that had been planned during the trip could not be carried out at all. Unfortunately, there are still many travelers who don’t care about this.

Prevention Tips So that Traveling Mistakes Don’t Happen

So what are the effective tips to avoid rows? mistakes when traveling as listed above? Here are the things you can do to prevent such incidents from happening:

a) Research as much as possible

Step Anticipate mistakes when traveling the first is to do research or collect as much data as possible. Information that you really need to know includes:

  • Detailed information about the intended tourist location.
  • Public transportation facilities that can reach.
  • List of hotels around the destination.
  • Weather forecast at the destination.

b) Collecting Information and Selecting Transportation and Accommodation

Second preparation so you don’t get it wrong booking hotels and book tickets last minute is to gather as much information as possible regarding available transportation and accommodation. Consider the tariffs offered and compare them carefully with competitors. That way, you can get hotels near tourist attractions and the cheapest transportation.

c) Asking Others for Help When Packing

If you have a tendency overpacking, you should ask others for advice when packing. Make sure you ask someone who is really good at packing. Make sure packing things that are really needed. The principle of proper packing for traveling is to only include essential items such as toiletries, documents, and clothes.

d) Setting Up Special Containers For Important Documents

Mistakes while traveling The next thing that can be anticipated is the possibility of losing documents. Prepare a special document container and store it in a strategic place in a bag. Try not to tamper with the container too often unless absolutely necessary. Do not mix documents with other items, especially those that are used frequently to avoid the risk of loss.

e) Use Tour Guide Services

If it’s your first time visiting a place, try to use the services of a tour guide. The benefits of using a tour guide like this are quite a lot:

  • Can explore more maximally the tourist attractions in the area.
  • Avoid getting lost due to relying solely on GPS as a guide.
  • Get better information about the destination and the surrounding environment.

If you have any objections as a result of considering the guide fees, which are usually very high, now there are many who offer these services at affordable prices. You just need to look for information on online sites because many advertise their services on the internet. It’s easy, isn’t it?

f) Be Friendly with Locals

One way to avoid traveling error is to establish good relations with local residents. This is important to do if you choose not to use the services of a tour guide. In this way, you can collect important information. There is no harm in doing this because the information obtained is no less accurate than the tour guide.

Mistakes while traveling it happens very often. Especially for novice travelers. However, it has also been described in full that these things can also be avoided. Of course, careful preparation is needed if you want to prevent incidents from happening on the way. After all, the anticipatory measures aren’t difficult at all to put into practice, are they?

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